Monday, October 20, 2008

One of Those Kids

So, G-Man became one of "those kids" the other day. You know. The ones who are running around and acting crazy at the mall or at Wal-Mart or at McDonald's. You watch them and look at their mother and give a little smile of encouragement and turn away with gratitude that your kid/future kid won't do anything like that in public.

Not that I've done that to a fellow mother. But I've seen it happen.

We went to the mall to get G-Man's portraits taken last Friday. While I certainly have plenty of pictures of G-Man that I love, I wanted to get a portrait of his Halloween costume. If you'll recall the elephant cuteness from last year, you'll understand why I wanted a portrait this year. If you don't remember the elephant cuteness from last year, click here and then come back. I'll wait...

Welcome back. So, I wanted more cute pictures in the studio. And since I don't have a studio, we have to go to the mall.

While we were going to the trouble of portraits, I thought I would get his picture taken in a cute fall outfit as well as his costume. I started changing his clothes there in the lobby of the portrait studio. I took off his shirt first, and suddenly a little girl across the lobby starts screaming, "NAKED! NAKED!" I look up, and she's pointing at G-Man. I smile and show the mom that I'm just changing his shirt and continue working.

With his shirt and sweater safely on, I didn't plan to change his jeans. Then I decided to change him into the darker wash jeans that I brought.

I take his jeans off, turn around to pick up his darker jeans, and look up to see his little diapered bottom running for the door of the portrait studio. (Not so much door, as gigantic, wide opening. This is a mall, after all.) I shout his name and tell him to stop, but he can smell freedom and he's chasing it. He turns the corner and heads for the food court and he gets three doors down before I can snatch him up and carry him back to the portrait studio.

Sweater. Diaper. Bare feet. Duck blanket flapping in the wind. It was quite a sight.

I got a lot of "you poor mom" smiles from witnesses as I carried him back into the studio.

One of the most hilarious things he has done. He'd better not make a habit of it, but it was hilarious.

And for all that jean trouble, he would only hold still long enough to get one full shot of the outfit:

I don't know if you've heard, but it's hard to get an 18 month old boy to hold still. Or sit down and smile for a picture. Our cute little 18 year old photographer kept trying to make G-Man smile and then by the time he would pick up the camera, he'd missed the shot.

We had to resort to this:

After the change into the costume, I insisted on a shooting flow that worked better. I took over the entertaining/making the kid smile part and he just shot pictures. We had a lot more to choose from in the monkey suit and these were the ones I picked:

Diggity is bothered by this next one. He feels monkeys should not be serious. I think the juxtaposition is charming. (Just kidding. I never use words like juxtaposition. I just liked it better than the other one where he was standing up.)

And my favorite. The one that miraculously matches the close-up we already have of his face in the elephant costume from last year:

What a cute little monkey. Can't wait for Halloween.


Whitney Johnson said...

I like the second one believe it or not!

Shelley said...

Getting pictures taken at this age is almost impossible. They are such little turkeys about it! Or monkeys, as the case may be...he he! :)

Stacie said...

Oh my heck, I am still laughing at the naked little boy running out of the portrait studio. Seriously, let me wipe my tears to continue. Love the costume! Carson's a monkey this year, too!!

Yvonne said...

Love the pictures.

Amanda said...

I laughed and laughed reading this post. I shared it with all of my roommates and they thought it was funny, too.

Amanda said...

And he has so many teeth! When did that happen?!

rebecca said...

Love the monkey costume! What a crack up reading this....Wes is the same wiggly way. I love the upside down shot and the last one. Way cute!

LL said...

I'm with Whitney, the second one is my fav. but every single one of them made me smile.

Dana said...

I remember trying on clothes with Audrey (or Carson?) and they began to take her clothes off as well. I didn't think too much of it until she slipped out under the door stark naked and ran around the store. Mind you I had to get dressed before I could look for her and we were in Sports Authority where there are racks and racks of clothes everywhere. It was hilarious then and now.

Grammy said...

What a funny story. And Holy Cow - when did he get that mouth full of teeth? I love the last monkey picture too - so cute. Did you make the costume?

Molly said...

What a cute little monkey!

Britt said...

love that kid. the best ones are the crazy ones!

Tolly and Lennon said...

Glad I'm not the only one chasing my son all over public places. He loves to go in any EMPLOYEES ONLY areas...and then loves to SCRRRRRRRREAM if I pick him up and remove him. Fun.

And Tod wonders why I don't take Lennon to Costco anymore.

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