Monday, October 20, 2008


G-Man and I have been tagged!

My sister Molly tagged us for a picture tag, and here is my picture:

It's the fourth picture in my fourth picture folder. It's from February 18 of last year. G-Man was 10 months old and had just eaten his first teething biscuit. I can't believe how young he looks.

And our friends Joann and Addison (sorry, her super awesome blog is private) tagged G-Man. We're supposed to share 5 things you may not know about G-Man:

1. Though normally good-natured, G-Man screams like a banshee when he is hungry or tired. Like a full on, from the throat scream.
2. G-Man has a birthmark on his tummy and on his thigh. (This was news to me as well. The doctor showed me at his last appointment.)
3. G-Man loves to play with vitamin bottles. And now he can open the non-childproof lids. Awesome.
4. G-Man loves to go to bed and go down for naps. He says "night-night" and points to his bed. He also says it when he points to his little iPod speakers that we play music for him on when he goes to bed.
5. When G-Man gives you a high-five, he also yells "yeah!" It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

And I tag Lennon, Mr. Baby Original and Mr. Baby New if they are interested in playing along.


LL said...

love the high five shout! funny!
you failed to mention he also loves to brush his teeth, no matter whose tooth brush it is ;)
maybe that was just a one time thing...i'm still laughing about it.
cute pic of him and tell that husband of yours that we all approve of his gift giving...SO NICE!

rebecca said...

Our boys are 2 peas in a pod in some ways. Wes loves naps too, although I think he loves his quiet time apart from the household action...Smart.
Wes also screams and sometimes fake coughs for food, as if the boy is starving.
So fun. Wes never quite recovered from having G take off during nursery. I'm glad these fun boys are buds.

Macy said...

LL - I almost wrote that one, but I decided I had told a lot of people how much he loves to brush his teeth. As you witnessed. I still owe A. a toothbrush.

Rebecca - I felt so terrible leaving Wes behind yesterday! As it turns out, we could have stayed. Our family got stuck in traffic coming through Manhattan. They'll have plenty of nursery time together in future weeks. :) I'm so glad he has a buddy!

Jo said...

so I believe I just beamed with pride with a tear in my eye that you referred to my blog as super & awesome. I highly value your opinion, so it must be true. Thanks for sharing the info. on G-man. Loved it!

Michal said...

isn't it strange to look back at old pictures and realize how much our babies have grown up? what a great photo to play tag with.

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