Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For Matt

Dear Matt,

I know you miss your wife and boys, so I thought I would put these two pictures I took yesterday so you could have little preview of the rest of them.

Work hard for the next two weeks. We're excited to see you next month.



Grammy said...

Such cute pictures - absolutely love them both. Great job Macy!

Molly said...

Ahhh. So cute!

Jo said...

Love those pictures. Wish you were close by to take some of my family.

Neal said...

Nice work with the lighting, babe. It's hard to take bad pictures of those guys ; )

Stacie said...

Ah, beautiful pics! I want to see them all!

Zoo Keeper said...

So cute! Macy your doing an awesome job! Love to check them out!

Britt said...

macy, is there any friggen thing you CAN'T do?!!

emily and the boys are beautiful subjects!

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