Thursday, July 8, 2010

SYTYCD Top 8 Results

  • I love Cat's headband.
  • I'm still so depressed about Alex's injury. SO depressed. Poor kid.
  • Go, Emmy nominations for SYTYCD! (And Glee!! 19 Nominations!! And Modern Family!)
  • Loved the opening group number. And I knew it was Mia's piece before Cat told me. Not so much because of the choreography, but because Ade was filling in for Alex. She choreographs so much in mathematical patterns for her group numbers, I knew she couldn't have Alex missing. Go, me.
Alex is already in the bottom. So sad.
Billy is also in the bottom. Why do you hate Billy, America?
Lauren, Kent, Robert, and Jose are safe.
Ashley is in the bottom 3, and Adechike is safe. WHY?!?!?!? Adechike needs to be in the bottom 3. He. bugs. me.
  • Dear Anya & Pasha - I love you both. Please dance together always. Love, Me.
  • Dear Cast of In The Heights and Lin Manuel Miranda - I love all of you too. I promise to come see you in person some day. I love this song and I wish you had time to do the whole thing. If you want to see this entire song, please watch this video from the George Lopez show.
Billy and Ashley are going to dance for their lives. And I just realized, Nigel hasn't said a thing about Alex's MRI from yesterday. And if his Achilles tendon is truly ruptured, he won't be dancing next week or anytime soon. If that is the case, they'll cut him loose now rather than lose an able bodied dancer.
  • Natasha Bedingfield dancing with all-stars! I really do love this new component. And awesome for their resumes. Awesome choreography. I want to know who did this. And Natasha is singing quite well. I'm glad I watched that.
And I was right. Alex has a lacerated Achilles tendon and needs an operation and at least 3 months of rest. I'm a little teary right now. Not gonna lie. Sounds like he gets to come back because he's injured though.

So sad.


PandaBaker said...

I just started watching this two weeks ago because I love Alex Wong! I'm so upset, I really don't want to watch it anymore. Plus it kind fo sucks to watch these shows without a DVR.

{Staci} said...

Alex Wong breaks my heart. I love love love him. His performance last week with Twitch gave me chills. All of his performances do. And why does America hate Billy?? I think he would have been a clear contender last year, for some reason it's not jiving for him this year.

I CAN NOT stand Kent. His facial expressions make me want to slap him and I think he has lazy feet and uninspiring dancing, and Adechike is just not good. Going crazy here with poor voting.

PS. Modern Family was our new favorite this year. If I had to choose between MF and Glee to take up my TV watching time, MF would win hands down.

Anonymous said...

I was a little teary last night too. I love Alex - I hope he does come back next year.


Heidi said...

Seriously--I am sooooo incredibly sad about Alex:( It just breaks my heart after all he has done and worked so hard for! I sure hope he comes back and wins!!! He is just too brilliant!

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