Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SYTYCD Top 8 Performance

First, an update from last week -

Alex and Twitch were my favorite. I've watched it 5 or 6 times since last week.
SO glad Melinda is gone.
And Cat had two fabulous hair/dress nights in a row!

And now, tonight -
  • Good hair and dress again for Cat!
  • New format this week - the kids dance with an all-star they haven't danced with, and then dance with a fellow contestant. I like it.
  • Alex Wong may have ruptured his Achilles tendon?!?!?! NOOOOOO!!!!!! Also, OUCH!!!!
Lauren and Pasha - Cha Cha
Lauren is dressed in a piece of fringe. Just one piece.
I think they took the fabric from Lauren's dress and gave Pasha a full shirt.
Wow! Lauren is kind of awesome at ballroom!
I liked Lauren, so here is Lauren's number: 1-888-6-BEST-01

Jose and Lauren - Contemporary
That was really great. Most connected partnership I think I've seen this season.
Lauren is such a great partner and is really bringing out a great performance.
Cool, cool lift in the middle. You go, Mandy Moore.
I also liked Jose, so you get Jose's number too: 1-888-6-BEST-02

Kent and Comfort - Hip Hop
Kent is not keeping up. And though he said in the rehearsal package that his face would match Comfort's...I still felt like he was overacting at points. I tire of him.
Also, I don't love Comfort.

Adechike and Courtney - Jazz
That wasn't my favorite. I really didn't connect to it, and I kind of quit watching part way through.
Totally in agreement with Mia.

Billy and Allison - Broadway
Wait! Not Allison, Katee!!! So sad that Allison is hurt, but I love Katee.
Ugh. My least favorite musical. I'm liking the dance so far though. And grateful I didn't have to suffer through Tyce in the rehearsal package. Spencer Liff is great.
Billy really did well tonight. Such a huge difference.
Go, Billy! 1-888-6-BEST-06

Ashley and Dominic - Hip Hop
That was really fun. I am continually amazed by Tabitha and Napoleon. So creative.
The fall into the splits was sick. So cool.
Hurray, Ashley! 1-888-6-BEST-07

Robert and Katherine - Jazz
SUCH a fun concept and routine. I really liked that. Very, very cute.
Danced well and it's so fun to see something new and creative.

And now, they dance with the fellow contestants!

Adechike and Alex - Bollywood
So sad that Alex is hurt. SO sad.
Bollywood is so happy. If you don't smile when watching a Bollywood routine, you might be dead inside. Just sayin...
I feel like his movement wasn't as sharp as it should have been, but I could be wrong. It was on the verge of African movement. (Woo!! Mia agrees!)

Kent and Lauren - Contemporary
This is a perfect fit and concept for the two of them.
Lots of pretty pictures. And Kent wasn't doing the hungry jazz face and actually connected with Lauren. I liked that.

Ashley and Robert - Quickstep
I never know if people are doing a good job on quickstep or not. And now that Mary is gone, I really don't know. Though Robert seemed bouncy. I have no idea...

  • New Old Spice commercial!!! Well done. I watched an entire behind the scenes podcast on how they filmed the first one in one continuous take. Now I want to see how they did that one. Awesome.

Billy and Jose - African Jazz
So fascinating to watch how the choreographer played to their individual strengths. Billy's plies were crazy low.
I really like Adam's critiques. He does such a great job of explaining very clearly what the other two judges mean. I think that is what makes him a good director. Just my opinion...

Please, please let's get Adechike in the bottom 3. We know Alex has to be there. I'm assuming the third will be Robert because of the quickstep.

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Molly said...

I voted at least 20 times (probably more) for Robert. He's great and doesn't deserve the bottom 3 every time.

I love the clip at the beginning where Billy called Jose out for talking about Laruen's butt. That's probably why they connected so well. He loved her butt so much. :)

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