Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Beach!

We've discovered something that G-Man loves - the beach.

When our cousins were visiting from China last week, we joined them and some other friends down in Newport, RI at the beach. It was a cold, windy day, but G-Man LOVED the sand. I turned around to check on him, and found this:

He was laying on his tummy in the sand and kept putting his face right in the sand. He was even more dirty about 10 minutes after this was taken. We spent a little time in the water, but he was mostly interested in the sand.

We were able to go to the beach again today with some friends, and it was a perfect beach day. (You may have heard, we've had a bit of a heat wave around here. If you've never visited the Northeast and don't think that heat in the 90s doesn't sound like any big thing,'re mistaken. I used to wonder why huge snow storms and heat waves always made the national news, and then I moved here. People die when it gets this hot because of the humidity. We've been really grateful for our central A/C this week. In fact, we don't leave the house unless we absolutely have to.) And this time, we made it to the water. He still loved the sand, but we spent a ton of time in the water. G-Man was even brave enough to let go of my hand a couple of times as we "jumped" on the waves.

(thanks for the picture, Allison!)

We had such a great time. Though, I was annoyed to arrive home and find that I didn't do a good job with my sunscreen. Ouch.


Yvonne said...

I'm with G-man--THE BEACH IS GREAT. (Although I don't like putting my face in the sand)

Sorry about the sunburn.

BTW, Brent ran into those cousins at the movie theatre the other day.

Emily said...

Looks like fun!!

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