Thursday, June 24, 2010

SYTYCD - Top 10 Performance & Results

First, I promise that I will get back to posting about my family. We've done a lot of wonderful things this spring, and it's just silly that I haven't been posting.

But until then, the recap:

Performance Show & Results:

*Cat's Hair & Dresses - Loved the hair last night, hate it tonight. Hated the dress last night, love it tonight.

*Fun change for this week - I like that the all-stars are staying on stage for the critique. I think that is a good thing.

Kent & Courtney - I thought Tyce was totally trying to rip off a Sonya routine with that choreography. Maybe it's just me. Or maybe it's because I'm not a huge Tyce fan. Kent gave it a good shot, but he really couldn't keep up with Courtney even though she stuck up for him.
Kent is safe.

Adechike & Allison - I love Allison. Love, love, love. I want her to dance with Billy or with Alex again. Adechike was better this week, but he still has lots of work to do.
But he's still safe.

Cristina & Pasha - Pasha was amazing, and I think Cristina did a pretty good job of keeping up with him. She's not my favorite, but she sure works hard.
And she's the first in the bottom 3.

* Adam mentions that people thought they were too harsh in their criticisms last night. I have to disagree. One of the things I love about SYTYCD is that they are always constructive in their criticism. The judges aren't mean, but they do give their honest opinion. And frankly, dancers are used to that type of criticism. Your toes are either pointed correctly, or they aren't. It's not subjective.

Alex & Lauren - Interesting that Tyce choreographed in the Fosse style, but didn't use a known Fosse song. I didn't love the whole thing, but I completely agreed with the critique the judges gave to Alex. If you watch Lauren on the parts of the dance they are doing in unison, Lauren is doing it correctly. I can't explain it very well in words, but there's a huge difference in the quality of their movement. Just go back and watch.
Alex is safe, so that is wonderful.

Jose & Kathryn - I also love Kathryn. She's a doll. And Jose was adorable and trying his hardest. I'm always happy when I see a Bollywood number because I know my friend Annie is going to be so excited. *grin*
And Jose is safe, of course. Which means another girl is in the bottom 3. America - why do you hate the girls?

Ashley & Mark - I thought this was a little frantic, choreography wise. I wanted to like it more, because I like these two dancers a lot. Some very cool moments, but frantic. And though I'm not sure what Nigel's exact definition of "jazz" is, I think he was right in saying that the choreography was more contemporary.
Ashley is safe.

Melinda & Ade - I HATED Melinda's costume. It was completely distracting. The judges were pretty nice to her. I didn't love this one. Favorite new Mia word = gorgewah (phonetic spelling)
Melinda is in the bottom 3 again. I don't think people like her very much.

Lauren & Dominic - I love the idea behind this and I thought Dominic was great. This new choreographer is awesome. I can't remember which judge said it, but I would have loved to see more realism in the fighting parts.
Lauren is safe. So it's down to Robert and Billy. That's nerve wracking...

Billy & Comfort - This was just uncomfortable. Yeeikes. He just can't pull the attitude off. That was scary.
Billy is safe - luckily the fan base pulled him through.

Robert & Anya - Anya is one of those dancers that will always make the boys look bad. In order to match up to her, they are really, really, going to have to bring it. I don't think Robert quite succeeded, and I was surprised that Nigel thought he did.
And sadly, he's our final person in the bottom 3. At least one of the guys is in the bottom 3 this week...

* Brian Gaynor (awesome guy with scoliosis who has auditioned for the show twice) is performing with his crew. Pretty cool.

Cristina - meh. I feel badly for her having to do the same thing every week.
Melinda - I wish I liked her personality more, because she's one of the most interesting tappers I've seen in a while.
Robert - Mildly interesting. I'm not sure if that will be enough for him to be kept in it.

* Someone named Debbie Nova is performing. I'm just excited she is being backed up by some all-stars. I don't hate this song, which is new for me with the musical performances. CONFETTI CANNON!! Woo hoo!!

Robert is safe.
Melinda is safe, though Nigel wanted to send her home because the audience isn't connecting with her. (In my opinion, it's because she does that stupid genie bow when she wants to thank the judges instead of doing something normal. Also, she talks a little bit too much about herself and what she has done when she has the opportunity to talk. Maybe it's just me responding to her that way...)
Cristina is going home. No more ballroom contestants. I think that was a good choice.

Next week is going to be brutal. I like almost everyone that is still here.

P.S. I've become a total Bravo reality show junkie this week. I can't sleep lately, and there's nothing else on. Admission is the first step to recovery.

Though, Work of Art is a really cool show. I mocked it when I saw the commercial, but I'm really loving it. It's fascinating to watch the creative process for these people.


Sayaka said...

i love reading your sytycd reviews. you pretty much say what i think, except more expertly. i was a tiny bit disappointed with the result tonight because i think cristina is more likable than melinda, but if it wasn't this week, it probably would have been next week anyway. i'm surprised adechike hasn't been in the bottom yet.

Tiff said...

RE: Lauren dancing Fosse right... I totally agree. There was some sort of resistance; like she was dancing in a vat of butter or something. She was really oozing it.

Or something.

Whitney said...

So - interestingly I lOVED Cristina. Very sad that she's gone. I completely agree on Melinda. She's too self-absorbed. And Anya -- well I just wish I were her. Sometimes. And other times I wish I were Allison. My two favorites. Oh -- but they aren't competing....

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