Tuesday, May 11, 2010


....is this thing on?

I am still here. First, let's address the blatant lack of American Idol posts this year.

I'm totally bored with it.

I've been thinking the last few days to try and figure out why. I think my boyfriend Harry Connick, Jr. hit it right on the head last week when he was mentoring - it doesn't occur to these contestants that they are singing lyrics that mean something. And they just don't have the performance skills to be interesting.

Maybe it's Adam Lambert's fault. I was so interested in watching him last season. Just to see what he would do. (And then he releases his album and starts performing and goes COMPLETELY over the top at the AMA's, and I haven't paid attention to him since.)

There's no one like Adam this year.

I had hope for a couple people, but...nope. I like Crystal a lot. I like Big Mike. Lee DeWyze has been the only surprise for me this season - I didn't have any idea who he was and didn't care a bit about him, but he's gotten better. Unfortunately, as individuals, they're just a bit boring. The fact that the duets were the best performances tonight says a lot.

Truly, the stars this year have been the mentors. Adam Lambert was great. Harry Connick, Jr. was completely amazing. I mean, he actually arranged the music for the contestants! And Jamie Foxx was fantastic tonight. The rumor mill has Jamie as a frontrunner to replace Simon next season. And it will take someone of that caliber, talent, and personality to replace Simon.

If you have time, the AI producers are actually running a survey where you can comment on the current season. Click here to take it.

On a positive TV note - I can't wait for SYTYCD (Mia is the new permanent judge with Nigel and Adam! There's only a top 10 - not a top 20! The top 10 are dancing with all-stars from past seasons!) Lost is great this season, 24 is awesome, and Glee is fabulous. (Thanks to Hulu, I can actually keep up a bit while I edit photos.)

Best line from Glee so far tonight:

Puck: I feel like that guy that lost all his hair and lost all his power.
Santana: Sampson?
Puck: Agassi.

Lamest moment from Glee so far tonight:

When I realized they named Rachel's boyfriend Jesse just so Finn could sing "Jesse's Girl" at some point this season. It was a great performance, and Finn rocked the drums, but a bit corny.

But since the corny song was immediately followed by the AWESOME rendition of "The Lady is a Tramp" by Puck and Mercedes, I'm good.


Neal said...

Nice blog comeback ; )

Dana said...

I've been waiting to blat (that's blog chat) with your for a while now...

AI - sorry, Harry can't be your boyfriend because he is definitely my sweetheart. Oh, I loved him as a mentor. Though I didn't particularly like any of the contestants singing his arrangements, I still liked and loved him. I loved that he had no care for live tv and kept walking up to the judges or contestants during commercial breaks. I loved his and Ellen's bantering.

Glee - had to stop watching. It got to the point where there was so much bad I could hardly remember the good. My sister says she is sinning for me and still watches it and lets me know if I should youTube any particular choir number. So sad about it, I can hardly stand Tuesday nights.

24 - good spin. Has kept me interested.

SYTYCD - Mia is back!?!?! Yea. What happened to Mary? I am very excited for the new season. It's like a baby gift to me.

Molly said...

I've been wondering if it was on, so I'm glad it is!

Whitney said...

No, Harry's my boyfriend. Oh -- he is wonderful.

Yes -- I like Crystal...but she mad a huge tactical error in saying she has a musical crush on Lee...

Jamie Foxx would be a great judge.

And yes, I'm with you on the boring. I haven't voted one SINGLE time.

Excited about SYTYCD.

Lady and the Tramp duet was AMAZING. I was screaming it was so good -- and my children had to ask me to keep it down.

tarryn said...

Lost. LOST! I am dying. So close to understanding.

{Staci} said...

I've lost my Glee about Glee, but still watch because I enjoy it more than I dislike it. I just saw the cast's live performance on Oprah and was SO happy to hear they actually sound better in real life than all edited and tweaked on the show. "Rachel" has some serious pipes. I think they make her dumb down her talent for the recordings.

I think it's a TRAVESTY that Mia will be judging and not choreographing. I thought it was a huge loss last season when she was gone. I liked Mary, too. Excited but feeling a bit nervous about new set up for sure.

Glad you're alive, Mace!

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