Tuesday, April 6, 2010

American Idol Redux - Top 10

A week late, but here we go!

Siobhan Magnus ("Through the Fire") - That was rough for her. She never found a good placement. (Even more sad to watch in the recap. They chose her bad notes to highlight.)
Casey James ("Hold On I'm Coming") - I didn't hate him for the first time ever.
Michael Lynche ("Ready for Love") - I love him.
Didi Benami ("What Becomes of the Broken Hearted") - That was so awful I wanted to cry for her. Hated her voice for that song.
Tim Urban ("Sweet Love") - I really like this song, and thus, couldn't watch him sing it. Because if I had, I would now hate it.
Andrew Garcia ("Forever") - I really liked this.
Lee DeWyze (I forgot the name - Treat Her Like a Lady) - That was fantastic. I've hated him and kind of thought he was a waste of space until right now. But that was awesome.
Crystal Bowersox ("Midnight Train to Georgia") - I'm so impressed with her musical sense and ability to choose perfect songs for herself. That was great. I can tell she's nervous standing alone in front of the piano, but she's pushing herself, which is awesome. Good for her.
Aaron Kelly - I didn't really listen. The 14 year olds are voting for him, so he'll be around for a while.


I love Usher, but he needs to hit the gym so he can work on dancing and singing at the same time. The singing suffered a bit, but props to him for singing live.

For a brief moment, I thought Big Mike was going to crush Seacrest between his pectoral muscles. It made me giggle with glee...

P. Diddy? Really?

And Didi is going home. That's too bad. I wish it were Tim.

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Allison said...

I was a week behind too. Thanks for the recap. I used your notes to know who to skip and who to watch. Strange night. Andrew and Lee were good and Siobhan and Didi were horrible.
Maybe this week tim will go home. I think the 14 year old girls may be keeping him alive too.

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