Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 4 Performance Finale

They're at the Kodak! The Kodak!!! Awesome. They've never done the finale there before. Cat has a fabulous dress and and fabulous hair.

It's going to be interesting watching them dance on a new stage. Fun to see such a huge audience. How amazing.

Adam Shankman is back!! He's been so excited to come back. He was tweeting all day yesterday (the taping was last night).

We have quite the party watching here at my BFF Dana's house tonight. 9 people. Big screen. I'll be a bit more brief in my comments tonight. I sometimes pause the recording at home so I can type and I won't be able to do that.

Top 4 Group Number (choreographed by Wade Robson - woo hoo!)
Football and cheerleaders! Cute. Kayla is working hard. They are all doing really well, but Kayla is really throwing the cheerleader persona out there. Funny and super cute. Resounding approval from the room.

Resounding cheers through the preview of next season, and resounding groans when the shirt removal occurred at the end. Yeeikes!

Evan & Jeanine - Contemporary (choreography by Sonya Tayeh)
That was fantastic. I thought Evan did really well. Sonya's choreography really suits Jeanine well. They did a really great job. Adam likes it. Mary likes it. Nigel likes it. Everyone likes it.

I love these interviews. We miss Janette. That solo was a bit frantic, but so was the music. Total technique showcase. Favorite part was when he got up off the floor at the end. My buddy Adam agrees that it was frantic, but great. Mary always gushes about Brandon. We are concerned about Mary's makeup - a smoky eye, or a strong lip, not both. She's looking a bit drag queenish. Nigel says Brandon is the best. After the first solo. 1-888-TEMPO-01.

Brandon & Kayla - Broadway (choreography by Tyce Diorio)
That was a great routine. They danced it well. There was some crazy technique in there. First double positive for Kayla. Corny, awful joke from Nigel that was saved by Cat. And the dirty old man appears at the end of Nigel's remarks. *sigh*

The kiss with Jason wasn't choreographed?! What?! We'll vote for you, Jeanine. Awesome. She's got amazing control. That open pirouette was outstanding. She's gotten a standing ovation from the judges panel, Travis Wall was out of his seat. That was awesome. She totally killed that. Dana: "Mary sees everybody coming. Everybody." 1-888-TEMPO-02

Evan & Brandon - Pop/Jazz (choreography by LaurieAnn Gibson)
Carolyn is excited. She likes LaurieAnn. I really want to know why she always wears headphones. Dana beautifully observes that the guys dance is a duel every single season. Those were WEAK SAUCE barrel rolls. From both of them. They started out with a lot of energy and they are pooping out. Love the dance off. We think Brandon won. Shankman said on twitter last night he got booed three times during the taping - there was number one. And here comes the dirty old lady. Love that Cat made them cover the grandmas' ears. That is why Cat should be nominated for Best Reality Host. All the judges were pretty hung up on the paradox of Evan dancing as a tough guy to the song "Nasty" by Janet Jackson.

Kayla & Jeanine - Contemporary (choreography by Mia Michaels)
I loved that. Loved it. Loved the left to right movement. Loved the choreography. Loved the symbolism of removing the layers. And they danced it so beautifully. DIRTY OLD MAN! Half the people in the room thought when Nigel was saying that the dance didn't go on long enough that he was talking about the dancing, not the clothing removal. The rest of us - me included - think he was talking about the clothing removal. He had the dirty old man gleam in his eye.

Thanks for reminding us of how they so rudely saved the brothers until the end. Evan is just the cutest ever. I miss Randi. Everyone is upset by the swit (My SIL Emily's word for armpit sweat - sweat + pit = swit. She has other words like swack - sweat + back = swack. Try it. It's fun.) every time he lifts his arms. It was slow and fun and personality filled. The judges aren't as enthusiastic about the solo - especially Nigel. Nigel totally brought the bummer. 1-888-TEMPO-03

Kayla & Evan - Jive (choreography by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin)
Kayla's costume is so cute. Except for the boots. She's not going to be able to point her toes at all. Fun routine. Not sure how memorable it's going to be. There's boo #2 for Adam. Dana totally said what Mary did about the arms. Dana = Mary. :) Nick made an excellent point - it must be hard for Evan to comeout after that solo and kind of getting bashed and be able to dance with energy. Awww...the audience is chanting for Evan and Evan is crying. Cute. And Nigel congratulated Kayla on having a personality. Or showing it. Or something.

She should really just move to New York and start dancing in theater. This is the best solo we've seen from her. Someone must have choreographed it for her. Much more musical. Not nearly as frantic. And there is boo #3 for Adam. Though he did pay her about the highest compliment ever by putting her in the Travis-Danny-Will club. 1-888-TEMPO-04.

Brandon & Jeanine - Paso Doble (choreography by Louis Van Amstel)
That was fantastic. I liked the choreography and I think they are great performers and really pulled that one off. I think that was our first Mary scream of the night. Okay. I love Jeanine. Love her facial expressions.

Nigel was the only one brave enough to call it for Brandon or Jeanine. An informal poll here says:

Brandon: 3
Evan: 0
Kayla: 0

So, we agree. Do you agree?

Edited to add....

Here's our group from the viewing party tonight! Thanks for the fun time guys! Carolyn - we will miss you!!!


Neal said...

Let's the photo, "one of these things, is not like the of these things just doesn't belong..." Mr. Fajardo - you're going to have to do some very manly things in the coming week to make up for this...

Whitney Johnson said...

Probably Jeanine; thought Brandon would win going into the evening. Agree -- Kayla and Evan to Broadway.

Jules said...

love evan--just so cute.
I think Jeanine will win--her solo was awesome.

Staci said...

i HOPE jeanine. is it wrong that i don't think evan is all that cute? loved mia's piece and was gratified that it seemed obvious jeanine was that much more polished. brandon is the man, so i'd be thrilled if he won too. but oh jeanine and her musicality. yeah, she's my pick.

Michelle said...

I love Jeanine so much I can't even stand it.

Stephanie said...

Brandon is a great dancer but I think his personality leaves much to be desired.

I like what they said about Evan preserving the Broadway-Gene Kelly style, it's totally true.

Kayla is ridiculously talented but has been upstaged by Jeanine the past couple of weeks. Kayla's personality isn't as catchy either, but I think she's sweet and has a compelling story.

Jeanine was on fire last night and I think she is also the fan-favorite. I agree with you guys - she's going to win!

Aaron H. said...

I love the Shankman.

Dana said...

Dana/aka Mary saw Jeanine coming from the start. She has incredible control and is stinkin' cute as well. I would pay money to see any of them dance...oh wait, I am paying money to see them dance!

Molly said...

I want Jeanine or Brandon to win. I thought Jeanine was better than Kayla last night. I LOVED the Mia Michaels routine and the Pasa Double (sp?) which I always hate.

I know the judges didn't think Evan deserved to be there but did they really have to bash him the whole time? I'm glad Nigel called attention to his work ethic at least.

I was annoyed that the judges were negative at all, it's the finale. There's not a next week to improve for people!

I hope Jeanine or Brandon will win, but looking at how the audience reacted last night to the Evan bashing, I think there's a chance it could be Evan. There are a LOT of very determined 12 year old girls armed with cell phones out there. They probably didn't like the Evan bashing and voted for him many times. Remember it's "America's Favorite Dancer" not "America's Best Dancer".

Go Jeanine!

Molly said...

Nigel is a dirty old man. Eww.

I think Mary got new Botox for the finale and as a result she looked like The Joker.

I heart Cat!

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