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I live on the East Coast and have seen the entire show. I DO reveal the results. If you want to watch the show first, please DO NOT READ THIS POST UNTIL YOU WATCH. Sorry to yell. Thank you. As you were...


I get to watch with Emily again. I'm excited about that. She's been my most consistent watching partner this season besides Diggity (who watched the show last night without me! Go honey!)

Group Number - "A Brand New Day" from The Wiz
Good number to start the show with. Melissa! WE miss you. And I love that this has been updated to include everyone and features the top 4 there at the end. Fantastic. I still hate Kayla's costume though.

But I LOVE Cat's dress, hair and makeup.

Dial Idol says:

1. Brandon
2. Jeanine
3. Kayla
4. Evan

Let's see if they're right after 21.6 million votes.

Recap of the season. Though it just made me miss Janette, Melissa and Jason.

Forgot we get to see the judge's favorites from the season. It gets me really excited for tour.

Adam Shankman's pick - Jeanine & Phillip's hip hop, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. I forgot that I really liked that one. I was so impressed by Jeanine at that point.

Nigel's Pick - Janette & Brandon's Argentine tango, choreographed by some people from Argentina. I love this one too. So impressed with Janette. Brandon's not so shabby either.

Debbie Allen's pick - Asuka & Vitolio's waltz - choreography by Louis van Amstel. I didn't love this one. Emily didn't either. We'll see if I like it more tonight.

An aside - I really don't think these are the judges' favorite dances from the season. I think they decide which pieces they are going to feature and they assign a judge to introduce it. I wasn't so sold, for example, that Debbie Allen loved the waltz that much.

Mary's pick - Jeanine & Jason's contemporary - choreographed by Travis Wall. We think they are in love. That is a great routine. I smell an Emmy nomination!

Mia Michael's pick - Max & Kayla's samba - choreographed by Louis Van Amstel. We forgot about Max. Kayla's doing a better job than I remember, but Emily says she's got sloppy feet in the middle.

I think the top 4 got to see Fame. THEY DID! JERKS. There's Kherington. I want to see Fame. But I want to see it now.

Debbie "picks" again. But now she's introducing a group dance. The hip hop/ballroom one. Go Brandon. He's awesome in the front of that hip hop section near the end. Sweet. Love the water.

Nigel's introducing the winner of SYTYCD Australia. Interesting.

Lil' C's pick - Caitlin & Jason's Bollywood routine. Jason's a little sloppy.

First results. The top 4 just came out. Everyone is in the outfit from the last number, except Evan. He must be doing the butt dance next. Kayla was in 4th place? Wow. Dial Idol is 0 for 1. She looks surprised.

Adam is introducing the next number. It's the butt number. I miss Randi. What a cutie. I have to say, Evan is better than he was the first time. Anyone agree?

Mary is introducing the paso doble from last night by Jeanine and Brandon. Glad to see this one again.

More results - 3rd place goes to....Evan. That's good. I'm cool with that. Congrats to Evan.

Nigel has another favorite moment - that Mary admitted to Botox. But he picks the addiction piece from Mia. I'm not going to type. Just going to watch. Love it.

Rage Boyz Crew. I love these kids. That little tiny boy is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Glad they brought them back.

Oh, Tyce. What happened to you this season? Not sure if I like this new fun & fierce side of you. If you'd been this ferosh from the start, I wouldn't have minded. It's that suddenly we have the snaps and the chin and the sassy comments. Though I'm super glad to see this disco again. This was my favorite. Go Janette & Brandon!

Glee and SYTYCD are premiering on the same night in the fall. That makes my life so much easier. Thanks, Fox.

Mia is introducing the breast cancer routine. Not nice to show Christina Applegate crying. That made me cry.

I loved this Chorus Line number. So twisted on the original. Love that the judges came out at the end. That was perfect. They all looked so nervous on their poses except for Adam and Tyce. And Adam was my favorite to watch. Mia - stop dancing. Smile and wave. Smile and wave.

We're back from commercial - they pretaped the Chorus Line number. No one can change clothes that fast.

And America's Favorite Dancer is...

JEANINE!! YES!!! I'm thrilled with that. Hurray that Dial Idol was wrong!!! HURRAY!!! So excited for her. She is just so cute. Loved what she said about giving an acceptance speech on the stage of the Kodak. Adorable. And I'm so glad they planned in time at the end for the winner to talk. Usually they announce the name, shoot off the confetti cannons and the show ends.


Dana said...

Not only am I a huge fan of SYTYCD, I'm a huge fan of your updates and I rushed upstairs to see what you had written - thanks for not disappointing. Loved the dances they chose except for the waltz - there were better waltzes than that and better people to highlight. Like the crash dummies. Thrilled that Jeanine won and loved her acceptance speech. Glad I voted.

Aaron H. said...

I would have enoyed seeing Brandon and Jeanette's burglary number. And I'm SO glad they didn't end the dances on the breast cancer one. I thoroughly enjoyed the dancer/judge finale.

All my sub 10 crowd had shouts of glee when the winner was announced. Good times.

Molly said...

Yay Jeanine! I'm so glad she won!

I think we watched to show on the same wavelength or something because I had similar thoughts to yours...weird.

I too think Jeanine and Jason are in love especially since she mentioned their routine as a highlight and he looked a little more nervous than everyone else.

I miss Jeanette, Melissa, and Jason. I would have loved to see Jason in the "Nasty Boys" number from last night.

I too cried when they showed Christina Applegate crying.

I also wasn't sold that Debbie Allen liked that waltz, and I still didn't like it.

I can't wait for Fame, and I'm totally jealous that they got to see it.

Okay, I guess that's it. But I'm left wondering where my Wade Robson routines were. Anyone know? Other than that, it was a great finale.

Yay for not having to wait until next Summer. Fox was brilliant to pair Glee and SYTYCD.

I'm done now. :)

Staci said...

YAY for Jeanine. I would have been just as thrilled for B but this is great.

1) the butt dance was SO better. they fixed three mistakes that i could tell from the first one. yes, i remembered what they were. i am sick.

2) the addiction dance is my fave of the season (with the buglary number i am with Aaron, would have liked to see it). makes me seriously emotional.

3) i thought the max kayla samba was very sloppy, and not just max. i thought kayla was hiddeous during it. my non-dancing husband said "her feet are not good in this piece." and we both stopped, looked at each other and laughed.

4) i think you're right about the judges favs. i totally fast forwarded the One number cause i was dying to see the winner and didn't know the judges were in at the end. will go back to watch.

5) Jason is hot. So is Brandon. So is Ade. Gorgeous men on this show. I wanna be on this show. Except I am not good enough. Sad.

6) I liked the choreography in the Travis number, but Andrew and I felt like the necklace did not fit the movement or the message of the dance. It was distracting and they were out of practice with it and they dropped it a bunch. I felt the dance did not need the prop. Anyone else?

7) My hair used to be straight, shiney and blonde like Cat's. It's hard for me to look at her she's so pretty and dolled up all the time. Makes me feel like a frumpers with a fro.

8) I HATE the camera work this season. They panned back so far you couldn't see the movement a tone tonight, and choreography isn't mean to be seen from the back. It's meant to be seen from the front. I really really hope they stop moving around so much this fall. It drives me nuts.

Thanks for the ride Mace. So fun! Sorry I am such a whiney whiner.

Dana said...

Such a nerd, I came back...

I can't believe I agree iwth Aaron on something, but I also wanted to see the theives number and missed Wade's feng shui presence. Though I loved the disco and want to make my Barbie do the split lift she does. Can't imagine having that much control over my body. I HOPE Jeanine and Jason are in love and the kiss wasn't as good as the first. I LOVED Jason and Kristen's missed kiss with magenta lipstick coming out of his funny. Ok, I'm done.

allenaim photography and design said...

love love love sytycd and SO excited for glee too! You're the first blog I check after the show to check out your comments...always love them :)

I HOPE they are in love...I love them...

I miss Wade's pieces...

and more...

happy there is another season in a few short weeks!

What will you review until then?!?

Grammy said...

Wahoo! I'm so happy that Jeanine won! I would have been ok with Brandon too but totally love that it was Jeanine. I loved all the dances except the waltz - could have done without seeing that one again - but I never really liked Asuka - she bugged me for some reason.

Emily said...

Macy, I feel lucky I got to watch it with you!! Yahoo for Jeanine.

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