Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 14 Performance Show

Cat's Outfit: Cat is wearing a sassy pink dress with pockets. Not loving the belt.

I'm watching with my sister in law Emily tonight. She has an impressive ballroom pedigree and lots of experience, so I often defer to her on the ballroom stuff. She claims she isn't as good a judge as she used to be since she hasn't danced for a while, but she's pretty spot on.

Janette & Brandon (Cha Cha - Jean Marc & Paris Generaux choreography)
That was great! What a fun, fun dance. Brandon winked at the audience. We don't wink at the audience, Brandon. They seemed really sharp and really great. Nigel is very enthusiastic about the performance. Wow. Forgot that neither of them had done their style yet. Hot Tamale Train from Mary. Mia has been hard on Brandon, but was very complimentary tonight. And stated that she feels he is very talented and that she will be hard on him because of it.

Kayla & Kupono (Jazz? Contemporary? - Sonya Tayeh choreography)
That was cool. That pirouette that Kayla did was fantastic. Kayla's legs are amazing. I just wish I liked the two dancers more.

Evan & Randi (Broadway - Joey Dowling choreography)
I adore this music. Love the Fosse inspired choreography. That was very cute. Interested to hear what the judges say. Nigel loves Randi and gives Evan a bit of a hard time. Saying that this is Evan's style and giving him a hard time for not doing well isn't particularly fair. Fosse choreography is nothing like Gene Kelly choreography. Mia doesn't feel like they didn't quite measure up. I liked that number, but I'm a total musical theater geek and was thrilled that they were doing Fosse choreography to a song from a Fosse show. Okay. I'm done geeking out.

Caitlin & Jason (Pop/Jazz - Brian Friedman choreography)
Wacky premise for the dance. Kind of a weird dance. Definitely unique. Nigel liked it, kind of. Mary didn't like the dance, but loves the two of them to pieces. Mia doesn't like the tin foil. I didn't either. It was distracting. Now, that's not the dancers' fault, but it does distract from what they are doing.

Phillip & Jeanine (Hip Hop -Tabitha & Napoleon choreography)
I'm loving the chain concept in the rehearsal. The dance was amazing. So sharp. So cool. I really liked that. They're cute

Melissa & Ade (Classical paux de deux - Thordal Christensen choreography)
Pretty sure this wasn't a random draw. But it was SO BEAUTIFUL. I love Melissa and Ade anyway, but seeing her in her style was really a treat. It's not only her technique, she's just a stunning perfomer. Loved it, loved it.

Nigel announces the Dizzy Feet foundation that helps kids learn to dance. And Katie Holmes is performing on the 100th episode.

Karla & Vitolio (Quickstep - Jean Marc Generaux)
Emily told me a secret about ballroom hair - she said that Karla's bangs are off to the side that she has to lean when she's in the quickstep frame. It helps give the illussion that she's leaning the right direction. That was such a fun dance. They did a good job with the choreography and I loved the concept. Judges were positive too.

Dug it:
Janette & Brandon
Randi & Evan
Jeanine & Phillip
Melissa & Ade
Karla & Vitolio

Kinda liked it:
Kayla & Kupono

Caitlin & Jason

Bottom 3 Couples Prediction -
Caitlin & Jason
Karla & Vitolio
Kayla & Kupono

Possible that Randi and Evan could be in the bottom, but I think the Utah voters will pull them through. What were your favorites? Did you love the ballet as much as I did?


Big Pile of Love said...

I have to be honest, I have seen all 96 or 97 shows. This was one of my top 3 shows ever!!
I loved every dance(even Kayla & Kupono)
I am amazed at the talent level.
They are all hot and talented.
I can't believe 2 of them will have to go!!
Every routine was great!!
Faves - Loved Randi & Evan, Phillip & Jeanine.
If we have to lose 2, let's lose two that probably aren't going to sell many tickets on the tour...Kupono & Caitlin(even though she reminds me of my first love!)
Still don't know what it is about Kayla...she is very talented.
Ciao for now!!

Staci said...

ok, i am throwing hissy fits about Caitlyn and Jason not getting to really show their stuff. I wish weirdo dance boy had given them some sweet turns and technically difficult stuff amid the weirdness. I feel like they are not getting to show off their ability. I will be ticked it they gone home. Liked the Kupono/Kayla number but I am SO done with Kupono unfortunately. I wish Jason and Caitlyn had gotten that dance. Brandon and Jeanette were freaking awesome. I was SO disappointed Phillip and Jeanine got hip hop. Phillip needs to go home since he is incompetent in any other style but that will keep him in probably. Loved the ballet, but whew BOY Ade's turn out and feet were frighteningly bad. It was great seeing some good pointe work. Melissa is not a little girl, she is heavy for a ballerina but her jetes are like butter. Good for her. Karla and Vitolio's quick step was the best one I've ever seen on this show. It wasn't painful, they did a great job with a dance that is hard to connect to. Something tells me I am going to be ticked off tonight...

Macy said...

TR - We have watched every show! How cool is that?

Staci - I agree that Caitlin and Jason didn't get showcased very well. I feel bad for them. I also feel badly for Brian Friedman. He's a pretty good choreographer and now the two routines he has done have landed his couples in the bottom 3.

They really are such a great group of dancers. It's sad to lose anyone.

Emily said...

It's lots of fun watching with you!!!

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