Thursday, July 2, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 14 Results

Group Number:
The kids are dancing to "Brand New Day" from The Wiz. They're in a painting and an art museum closes and they bust out of the painting and begin dancing around. Now is where I usually complain about the camera work that makes me miss half the dance. I'm not going to belabor the point. I think I'm going to send a hateful tweet to Nigel. I have that power. :) I was highly distracted by Kayla's nude leotard. Her costume was completely different from the other girls' costumes. And it was nude fabric. It makes you look twice whether you want to or not.

First Group for Results - one couple is safe and one is in the bottom 3:
Vitolio & Karla the bottom 3.
Evan & Randi are safe!

Second Group for Results -
Brandon & Janette
Kayla & Kupono the bottom 3.
Ade & Melissa are safe!

Mia liked Kayla & Kupono's performance the most last night, and is SHOCKED! Me, I didn't love it. It takes 3 or 4 viewings for Sonya's pieces to grow on me. I'm sure if Kayla & Kupono make it on the tour, we'll see that one and I'll like it more.

Third Group for Results -
Phillip & Jeanine the bottom 3. (WHAT?!?)
Jason & Caitlin are safe. They're lucky. They're talented, and I like them. But they're lucky.

Emily just said that it doesn't look like Cat combed her hair tonight. I have to agree. It also seems like she messes it up every time tey go to commercial.

Patricia & Desmond from Complexions Contemporary Ballet are our special guests tonight. That girl was in her opening pose en pointe forever. She rules. That was fantastic. So talented. So strong.

Karla - I liked that one. Not as manic as last week.
Vitolio - I didn't love that one. Can't tell you why exactly. It didn't jive for me.
Kayla - Is it me, or does she open every solo with an extension? I didn't love it, but I don't htink they are sending her home.
Kupono - That was a bit more restrained from him too. It seemed more musical. Wasn't too flashy. That could be good or bad.
Jeanine - Interesting music choice. Did she fall backward and lose her balance in the middle? I like her. Let's keep her.
Phillip - That was fantastic. There's no way they'll get rid of him at this point. They need him for tour.

Kelly Clarkson! I love Kelly. I don't love her outfit. The way the shirt is cutting her across her hips, it makes her look short. And she's already short. And the extra fabric isn't helping either. But man, she can wail. Love her. I believe that is the first performance I've watched all the way through this season.

The judges are deliberating. I think it is Vitolio & Karla.

Final Results:
Jeanine is safe! Hurray! Kayla is put on notice. Too many kicks and arabesques and not enough dancing. Karla is sent home. I'm sad to see her leave, but she never quite got her personality out there.

They're keeping Phillip. Nigel gave a long and kind of rudely drawn out speech to tell him that. They're giving Kupono one more week. Vitolio is going home.

I'm happy with this choice tonight. Next week is going to be awful. The last week before top 10 always is. See you then!


Aaron H. said...

So when the judges say that you have to dance for your life, what they really mean is that you can stand still on stage, feeling yourself for 5 of your 20 seconds and stay in the competition. kapo-NO!

Riled Up in Reno said...

I just don't know what they see in Kupo-NO!(like it) When you look at his solos and his body of work, I just don't get it. Oh well - who am I!?!?!?
When tweet Nigel I need you to tell him 2 things please:
> Shove a sock in Mary's mouth. She is VERY annoying this season.
>>KupoNO has to go.
THanks in advance.

Riled Up in Reno
formerly Big Pile of Love & Big Dumb Animal

Whitney said...

What an evening. Wow.

As my 8 year-old daughter pointed out, "Are they keeping people that are the best Or the ones that can grow?"

A surprising, capricious evening. Perhaps the judges were annoyed by America NOT listening to them.

Good for America.

Caitlin and Jason should have gone home -- they have not brung it. But Bryan Friedman's piece was so self-indulgent (talk about the 'kiss of death') that I suspect voters felt bad for them. You shouldn't go home because of bad choreography, especially when the judges are complicit. I mean they should have dinged Bryan for that and just sat 'idly by'.

Melissa and Ade are so, so darling. Amazing! And Philip -- what is it about him? Love him.

On Kupo NO, I have to agree. He was not good. It feels to me like they were making a 'we need a quirky Hawaiian on tour' AND we want Kayla to continue to have a good partner because we love her... because clearly the audience does not.

Brandon and Jeannette... Wow, wow, wow.

Love your commentary - Keep it up!

Staci said...

I was dancing around like a happy idiot screaming Woo hoo! America SO had it right!!! I think Kupono should have gone home before Vitolio, but as long as he goes next week I will be satisfied. I am glad Philip was in the bottom 3 because as amazing as he is, he is so incompetent in other styles and it's not ok. I also enjoyed seeing Jeanines solo, she surprised me with how good she was, I think Phillip holds her back. She might be a new one to watch out for. I can see her in the top 4 girls... I too think that they should have told Friedman that his choreography was rude to the dancers. I voted my butt off for Jason and Caitlyn so they didn't go home because of that crappy piece. I am glad others did too. I agreed w/ the judges, I think Kaylas solos have been uninspired and completely lame (compare them to Jeanines and Caitlyns). She is only comfy with her legs in the air. Try something else girly. (She still is great. I am just sayin'.) Kelly's outfit was horrific. Happy 4th!!

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