Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 16 Performance Show

Much better dress tonight, Cat. Welcome back from the back surgery Nigel! Toni Basil is here. Diggity's snarky comment when she was introduced - "How many times are you going to talk about your projects instead of the dancers, Toni Basil?" We high fived when Cat asked her about Toni being honored with the "Super Supreme Creator of Hip Hop Dance" award. (That probably isn't the name, but you get the idea.) Surgery fun on the panel this week. We have Nigel recovering from his surgery, Mary with the Botox, and Toni with the unfortunate face lift. Sorry. That was my snarky comment.

Karla & Jonathan - Hip Hop (By My Side by Jadakiss, choreography by Dave Scott)
Not even watching Jonathan. Karla is great. Kind of redeemed himself with the flip-kicky thing. Now I feel sorry for Jonathan. He was awful. No connection with Karla, and I would say that he actually made her look worse. And I thought Karla was fabulous. Very sharp. They are universally panned by the judges. Nigel is a little bit mean - he's justified in his meanness, but he's still mean.

Mary quote - "We all know that I'm in touch with my inner gangster." (If you're a Mary fan and are on Facebook, you need to go check out Christopher Clark's group, The Hot Tamale Train. His recaps are just of Mary's parts of the show. It's pretty hilarious.)

Vitolio & Asuka - Jazz ("Heartbreaker" by Pat Bentar, choreography by Mandy Moore)
The package makes me think this is going to be rough. It's not too bad, but I don't love it. I appreciate Mandy Moore always using the 80s music. I think it's fun. They weren't together on a couple leaps, and as Amanda said, "Didn't she say this was supposed to be a fast dance?" Not so fast. Why is Nigel going first tonight? And he liked it. I didn't like it. Amanda didn't like it either. But Mary liked it and Toni liked it. Seriously - did we watch the same dance? And neither of us know what Toni just said to Vitolio.

Melissa & Ade - Rhumba ("Emotion" by Destiny's Child, choreography by Tony Meredith)
Melissa is a Pilates instructor. That explains a lot. I believe in Pilates. I need to practice it more. The piece of fabric they glued to Melissa as a dress is even more advertisement for the fabulousness of Pilates. LOOK at her BACK! Good grief. I liked it. I don't know much about the technique, but it seemed good. Nigel liked it and agreed on Melissa's back. Mary - Unbelievable and believable? The botox face makes it even funnier when she screams. She looks like a ventriloquist's dummy. 1-888-TEMPO-03

Jeannette & Brandon - Hip Hop ("What a World" by Common, choreography by Dave Scott)
Love the costumes. Love when she made him do a rock hand and they did air guitar together. Very fun routine. Her fishnets are awesome. They did a great job on that. Nigel likes it. Mary likes it. Anyone notice how Mary says something positive and then reaffirms it? Example - "I'm so proud of you, yes I am!" "You did it, yes you did!" Toni said something about juxtaposition and about street dancing having technique. Okay. 1-888-TEMPO-04

Kupono & Kayla - Viennese Waltz ("Sweet Dreams for You" by Jewel, chorography by Jean Marc Genereaux)
Are you allowed to do ballroom barefoot? Anybody know? Emily? That was a nice little piece. They did a good job with it from what I could tell. Very flowy and pretty and such. It lands in the middle for me. Not my favorite, not my least favorite.


Evan & Randi - Contemporary (Koop Island Blues by Koop, choreography by Mia Michaels)
Wow. Those shoes! Wow. Those puns! Stop it cheeky monkeys! They really did dance that well for as simple as the idea and a lot of the movement was. It was one of the best numbers of the night - certainly one of the most memorable. Another double positive from Mary. 1-888-TEMPO-06

Caitlin & Jason - Paso Doble (Didn't catch the music, choreography by Jean Marc Genereaux)
Love it so far. I'm wondering about some of the technical stuff in the middle, but they seem to be surviving it. Especially for the first Paso Doble of the season. The opening was fantastic though. The judges seem to like it well enough.

Philip & Jeanine - Broadway ("Moses" from Singin' in the Rain, choreography by Tyce Diorio)
Is it just me, or is Tyce cranky this season? Cute routine. For once, I really liked a Tyce Broradway number. Instead of taking a Broadway song and putting his own story on top of it that didn't match, he just adapted some ideas from Singin' in the Rain. I liked it. Jeanine is really cute. Nigel liked it, but wants Philip to work harder. Mary likes it, especially Jeanine. And Mary does double negatives too - "I wasn't allergic to that routine, no I wasn't." Toni likes it. Evan and Randi would have kicked that routine's butt. I would have loved to see Evan dance that.

Liked it, yes I did:
Melissa & Ade
Janette & Brandon
Jeanine & Phillip
Randi & Evan

Asuka & Vitolio
Kayla & Kupono
Caitlin & Jason

Not so good for me, dawg:
Karla & Jonathan

Bottom 3:
Karla & Jonathan
Caitlin & Jason
Kayla & Kupono

Going Home:
Jonathan & Caitlin or Jonathan & Karla

What did you think? Favorite routines? Favorite Mary quotes?


Molly said...

I was thinking the same thing about Mary's comments. Maybe she felt like she needed to say more because Toni was there. I REALLY don't like it when she's there. Thanks to DVR, I didn't have to listen to her go on and on and on...

I loved Randi and Evan (as always) and Brandon and Janine.

Still don't like Asuka.
Still don't know why.

Stacie said...

Kyle and I were JUST commenting tonight about Mary's double positives!

I fast-forwarded through Toni's comments.

I hated Asuka & Vitolio's number, too. Glad to know I'm not the only one who went "huh?" when the judges raved.

LOVED Evan & Randi the most, in fact it's really the only one that stood out other than the broadway one, and I loved that one just for the fun and entertainment factor. And also because I love Singin in the Rain.

Yes I do.

BigDumbAnimal said...

I don't know what it is about Kayla but she makes me want to slap a baby...She annoys me like Sarah Michelle Gellar. I have no idea why.(You can relate with the Asuka thing right...)
Macy - I hold you to a high(er) standard when it comes to music and I am VERY disappointed that you didn't know that the Paso Doble song was O Fortuna from Conan the Barbarian, or from Excalibur if you are less of a big dumb animal, or from Carmina Burana if you are at the top of the food chain. ;-P
Johnathan was tres horrible and he has to go because he is bringing down his partner. Who is HOT BTW.
I would love to have seen Evan/Randi and Phillip/Jeanine switch places tonight.
BTW - Irony is my fave. The devout little Mormon girl having to dance a routine that was centered on her rump. Wow she was SOOO embarrassed...BUT I digress.
I would like to see Phillip and Jeanine in the bottom, just to see their solos; then they can stay!!
Dave Scott is my favorite Hip Hop Choreographer.
Hate Mary, Yes I do!!
Thanks Macy

Emily said...

From what I know you are not supposed to do ballroom barefoot, I think it would be hard to do some of the steps correctly, but it's been a long time for me and what do I know. I think they try to make it less ballroomy (word?) so people are more intrested.

Staci said...

I think I've figured out my beef with Kayla. She's stunninly beautiful and a great dancer and seems to incorportate a discomfort with her hieght when dancing with a partner. She bends her knees to make herself smaller (it's suble but it's there, watch the first week samba and you will see weird legs. They are too bendy!) I can't believe no one has noticed it.

I hate Toni's comments and plastic surgery face and hate. I can't listen to her.

Though I didn't love Heartbreaker, I thought Asuka was sluggish on it, I think they did a lot to reveal their personalities and that usually helps folks. I am liking them more as people which is nice.

Jonathan better go this week. I was done with him before it all started. He is dragging Karla down.

LOVED the hop hop number with Brandon and Jeanette. They did an awesome job and it said a lot about Brandon (which Mia still refuses to say) that the choreographer saw his ability and threw more at him because he could handle it. He needed that affirmation after all the trash that's been said.

Love'd the rumba though I usually do not like this style.

I have a serious crush on Jason, he rocks and I think they did a great job because that is a tough style AND a big song to dance to. It's so intense you can't suck it up.

Um, voted heavily for Randi and Evan, Brandon and Jeanette, Melissa and Ade and I threw in for Jason and Caitlyn.

Mary is a little nuts, but unlike Paula, she at least knows dance and gives contructive comments. So I take her crazy because she knows what she's talking about most of the time.

Staci said...

BTW, I didn't mean to say Paula doesn't know about dance. She just doesn't have anything valid to say about vocal technique. When I hear comments like "I see the colors of your luminocity and it touches my soul" I get so mad. How does that help a singer know what they did right and did wrong? It just bugs me. Mary most of the time throws in something helpful, esp on ballroom numbers.

Anonymous said...

I must know what Randi was wearing for her Koop Island Blues routine. That slip is gorgeous!

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