Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dare to Dream - Guest Post

I wrote a guest post for my friend Whitney's fabulous blog Dare to Dream today. If you leave a comment at the end of my post (or any of the guest posts this month), you are eligible to win a spa gift certificate from Whitney.

In fact, while you're on Whitney's blog, you should read back through some of the guest posts. I've really enjoyed each and every one. There are such amazing women out there doing fabulous things - everything from running complex businesses to raising their children. Here are some of my favorite guest posts from the past month:

Alyson Jenkins: Be Your Own Batman
Aselin Maloney: Daddy's Little Girl
Saydi Eyre Shumway: The Snapshot that Changed My Life
Melissa Stanton: Don't Just Think It, Ink It
Athelia Wooley: Fortunate Frustrations
Rebecca Ellsworth Menzie: Memoirs of My Mother
Christine Vick: Simply Living

I also wrote a follow up post on my photography blog. A comment there makes you eligible to win a Basic Family Collection photo shoot. And if you don't live in Boston, I'll be in Utah in July and Washington D.C. in August, so go ahead and sign up if you live in those areas. Or if you know someone you can give it to as a gift.

P.S. I'm closing comments on this blog post so that your comments can go on my photography blog or on Whitney's blog to be eligible for the GIVEAWAYS!
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