Thursday, June 25, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 16 Results

I love your comments on yesterday's show. I didn't get a chance to respond to them today, but I loved reading them. Keep them coming.

Fun Group number. Rain! Hip hop moves! Partner dancing! Fabulous entrance from Cat! TabNap (That would be Tabitha & Napoleon if you didn't know. :) ) choreography. Excellent.

RIP Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson. Classy to pay tribute to all three, Nigel. And I'm not going to lie, I have a couple tears in my eyes watching "Thriller" right now.

Asuka & Vitolio the bottom 3. I'm not sad about this.
Brandon & Janette! I'm happy, yes I am.
Evan & Randi! Woo hoo!
Phillip & Jeanine! Excellent. I like Jeanine a lot.
Melissa & Ade Fabulous. I think Melissa is just adorable and Ade is one of my faves.
Jonathan & Karla are in the bottom 3. They haven't even told us yet, but since there are three people on stage and we need some suspense...okay, they are officially in the bottom 3.
Kupono & Kayla
Jason & Caitlin the bottom 3. Bummer. I like them more than Kupono & Kayla.

The Rage Boys Crew!!! That little kid is the cutest thing I've EVER SEEN on this show. Though, I'm ready to punch the cameramen and director. Seriously, could you pan across any faster?!?! LOVED when they threw the tiny kid across the stage. Say what you will, I adore Cat and she's my favorite host on TV. She's adorable.

Asuka (dancing to "Don't Trust Me") Amanda said, "Seriously? This song?" I have to agree. Great moves, no personality.
Vitolio - It felt a little frantic to me. Lots of jumping. Scary hip shaking at the end. I like him though. Let's keep him.
Karla - I lurve her. Can we please keep her? That was a quick, kind of crazy solo, but I like her.
Jonathan - GO HOME. Your tumbling can't save your lame moves between tumbling runs.
Caitlin (she danced to Que Sera Sera - I want this recording. I've never heard it sung at a slow tempo. I love it. That was beautiful.) Her solo was outstanding. She's a fabulous dancer. If they send her home, I will be angry.
Jason - Much more musical this time, still a bit frantic. But I like him and want to keep him too.

A scary girl with blonde hair and a scary girl with black hair are singing. Don't care. Boo Doop!

Caitlin is told she had the best solo and that she is safe. I agree. Karla is told her solo is desperate and that it wasn't good. It was a little frantic, but if she had maintained her center, I think it would have been great. But Asuka is going home. YES!!! Thank you!

Vitolio is told he needs to stretch. Jonathan is told he isn't dancing well enough to be America's Favorite Dancer (duh!) Jason is also told his solo is desperate. I'm not sure I agree, but relieved to hear Jason is safe. And they're keeping Vitolio. And Jonathan is going home! YES!!! Thank you! I love the judges this week. Good calls all around.


Molly said...

I can't believe the decision to send Jonathan home wasn't unanimous. I'm VERY happy about this week!

Macy said...

Excellent point. I can't either.

Stacie said...

Yeah, I agree with the decision! And I fast-forwarded through that musical number, too.

Staci said...

I was annoyed that Jas and Caitlyn were in the bottom three. I wanted Kupono and Kayla to be there. I too am a lot happier with this week. I think Caitlyn and Melissa are my fav girls. They make we want to grab my pointe shoes and get into shape. I like Randi too, but Caitlyn is the shiz. Her ballet is probably almost as good as Melissa's, her feet are killer! I am a bit weepy about MJ ma'self. My first tape when I was 5 was "Thriller." I spent hours perfecting my moonwalk in middle school. Final thought: that opening number was freaking hot. I wanted to be in it. Also, I think Brandon is getting the air time he deserves. Everyone, go back and watch him in that opening number. He hits harder than everyone else. His personality is no Joshua from last year but holy hannah he is good. I am sorry I always write a novel on here.

Emily said...

Wahoo, my two least favorite people are gone.

Grammy said...

I second Emily - Wahoo, my two least favorite people are gone!

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