Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recipe Deliciousness Testing - Father's Day Edition

Normally I wouldn't post more recipes so soon, but really loved the dinner we had tonight. We had london broil, fresh corn, and these delicious potatoes

Found at this fabulous website.

For dessert, we had this new strawberry recipe - strawberries and dumplings

From this stellar food website.
Her recipes are fabulous and her photography is beautiful. I want to make every single recipe I see from her. And I am thrilled to have found a new strawberry recipe. You should make it. It's just delicious. We put my favorite homemade vanilla ice cream on top. (It's the last recipe in the post. I omitted the raspberries. Though it is delicious with the raspberries as well. If you have a large, old-fashioned ice cream maker, use this vanilla ice cream recipe.)

Yummy! Go try one of them! Let me know if you liked the results!


Stacie said...

I'm laughing because I read all about your lovely dinner (yum!) and what did I make tonight? Spaghetti. (blush) :) Those strawberry dumplings look DIVINE!!!

Yvonne said...

Kyle was shocked when we had Almond Chicken, but hey, it was what Allan requested.

Those potatoes look yummy.

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