Friday, May 1, 2009


Many, many things to celebrate today!
  • This is my 400th post!
  • Amanda is visiting us this weekend!
  • We finally got the mulch put in our flower beds! (I get excited about simple things.)
  • Some of my photos were included in this month's issue of Store & Style. (Go check out the issue here. Read about it on my photography blog here.)
  • Chris & Heather get married in THREE WEEKS!
  • Amanda & Darren get married in TWO MONTHS!
  • My portrait collection sold in the online auction for my school (11 bids! Wahoo!) and I have another one up for bid in a live auction for the school tomorrow. Building this business is great fun.

Oh...and I'm 35 years old today. (I borrowed a picture from G-Man's birthday a couple weeks ago.) Thanks for the Facebook birthday wishes, texts and calls. Facebook is awesome on birthdays. Gotta love all that cyber love.


Molly said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sorry, I'm at school so all I can give you is some cyber love for now. I'll call you later. I love you!

Shelley said...

Happy birthday Macy! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Grammy said...

Happy Birthday - hope you've recovered from our birthday song to you this morning. I'm sure Simon would not give it high marks :)

tarryn said...

Happy Birthday Macy! You are a baby. Cute cake. And congrats on your 400th post!

Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday, Macy. Hope you are feeling the love of everyone.

Sounds like lots of fun things going on.

rebecca said...

Happy Birthday!!! I loved your photo of the flower pot teacher gift idea on Store & Style. I'm going to use that for my kids' teachers.

Dana said...

Holy smokes - is it "Macy May-Day" already? Happy Birthday. I hope you are doing something incredibly fun and we'll have to celebrate with lunch next week - when is good for you?

Stacie said...

Happy Birthday!!

Stephanie said...

Happy happy (late) birthday!! That IS crazy that you were my YW leader 10 years ago. Woahhh. Love you :-)

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