Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Idol - Top 5 Results

Results night!

Ummm...Ryan? I Don't Mean a Thing? Try, "IT Don't Mean a Thing." You get paid to read a teleprompter, Seacrest. At least read it correctly.

On a happy note, we're singing live tonight and I'm enjoying this arrangement. I love Kris. I really hope Allison goes home. I would love to have these four boys as the top 4.

Video package of the kids making birthday cakes for Danny and Allison. It devolves quickly into a food fight - as you would expect. And I'll bet they didn't have to clean it up either.

All the kids are in the center of the stage and Ryan is sending them to the left and right of the stage to put them in different groups. Dial Idol has Allison, Kris and Matt as the bottom 3 with Matt going home. Ryan makes Adam choose which group he belongs in. Adam actually chooses, and chooses wrong. He's in the bottom with Matt and Kris. David Archuleta sitting down in the middle of the stage and refusing to choose last year when Seacrest pulled this (he does it every year) was my favorite. Danny and Allison are safe. Everyone's surprised that Adam is in the bottom, but it was going to happen at some point. He's a little divisive.

Natalie Cole is singing. She's a classy lady. Love her hair. Her voice doesn't sound great tonight on the high notes, but whatever. She's music royalty as far as I'm concerned and can do whatever she wants.

Taylor Hicks is back. He's got a lot of energy tonight. This is kind of loud for a blues/country song. And kind of boring. Boo-doop!

More Results:
They bring Kris, Adam and Matt out on stage. Kris is told he is safe. Adam and Matt are the bottom two. Interesting...

Championship mentor Jamie Foxx is performing. I hate when a song is allegedly popular and I've never heard it. It really does make me feel old and lame and out of touch. I hate that he has a filter on his microphone. It's a catchy little tune. Excellent hook in the chorus. Fun performance. He's a talented dude.

Final Results:
Seacrest tries to stir up controversy between the judges before announcing the results. And...Adam is safe. Matt is going home. I'll miss him.

I think Allison is next to go. Then, it gets a little tricky. If Kris goes out in third place, I think Danny will win. I don't think the people that vote for Kris will vote for Adam. If Adam goes out in third place, I think Kris might beat Danny. It's going to be interesting!

Rock & Roll next week with Slash as the mentor. Maybe Allison won't go home next week. The theme definitely favors Allison and Adam.

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Whitney Johnson said...

What a great show tonight. Loved how they were a bit more ceremonious than usual -- honoring Matt as he left.

Jamie Foxx -- I think there's a blog entry in there. Haven't been a fan of his AT all, and yet after observing his generosity as a mentor. Truly inspiring.

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