Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol - Top 4 Performance Show

Check out Diggity's pre-show comment -
"Well, I hope Allison is going home, but this week's theme favors her, I guess."

That's right, grasshopper. It sure does! It's rock & roll week! And Ryan just shocks us (well, me) by letting us know that the Idols will sing solos and will pair up for a duet tonight. COOL! Slash is the mentor tonight. I don't feel he will have the same impact as Jamie Foxx. Just a hunch.

Adam Lambert - Whole Lotta Love
Diggity likes this. Me, I have no idea. I'm not the rock aficionado in our house, so I'm deferring to him. When we thought the song ended, Diggity said, "That was kind of boring." Then when Adam did the little tag at the end, he said, "Hard to outdo Robert Plant and Led Zepplin, but that ending was better." And this is the first time a Zepplin song has been done on Idol. Nice. I just told Diggity I'd never heard that song, and he has decreed that I am going to be going on a Zepplin diet. Kara dressed in the theme again. *sigh* And she's a little crazy tonight.

Allison Iraheta - Crybaby
I like this song. Never heard it before. Diggity is probably preparing a playlist for me to remedy my lack of exposure to classic rock. I have to say, Allison's high notes are the cleanest they've sounded in weeks. I'm kind of impressed with her vocals tonight, and I'm not usually impressed with her. Evidently the dress rehearsal got cut short earlier because of falling set pieces. I think it helped in her case to not have to sing so much today.

Kris & Danny - Renegade
I like the fact that they are doing duets instead of singing two solos tonight. Much more interesting. (Carly Smithson and Michael Johns did a duet in the finale last year and on tour that was hugely popular - I'm sure that inspired this idea.) Unfortunately, this duet wasn't so interesting to watch, but the harmonies were FANTASTIC. I feel like Kris was a little pitchy, though I'm hoping Randy confirms it. Okay, I'll take confirmation from Kara. I can't believe they are letting them sing with a band that loud onstage and they don't have in-ear monitors. For the hearing protection alone, they should have them.

UPDATE: Diggity IS preparing a playlist for my iPod. That's hilarious.

Kris Allen - "Come Together"
Quotes from Diggity:
"Does he only sing out the side of his mouth?"
"I would have gone high on that note so he's not singing the song note for note like the Beatles."
"He just reminds me of Enrique Iglesias too much. It wasn't ferocious enough."
Enrique Iglesias? Wow. Diggity is rough.
Kris did change up the bridge and the ending a bit. I liked that. Diggity's right on the lack of ferocity especially. Randy was very cool and complimentary. Kara didn't like it. Paula thinks he's an artist that needs more energy. Simon doesn't like it and compares it to eating ice for lunch. What? I feel like they're setting him up to get voted off.

Danny Gokey - "Dream On"
It was fine until the end. The screaming was awful. AWFUL. That's all I'm going to say about that. I'm kind of embarrassed for him, and I think the audience is clapping so much because they don't know what else to do. Horror film, indeed Simon.

Allison & Adam - Slow Ride
I have to say, I think this is a bit unfair to put the two of them together. Though, they picked kind of a silly and boring song. They're sure trying hard and they sound good. I just wish they'd picked a better song. I liked the harmony part about 2/3 of the way through. They're fun together.

Wow. So, predictions -

Safe - Adam, Allison, Danny
Going Home - I'm not happy about it, but I think it's Kris.

Though there is an outside possibility that it could be Danny. They totally gave Danny the loser edit on the phone number recap. He hit some great notes in the song and they chose the screaming ending to show for the recap of his song. Poor kid. Are they trying to force him into the top? Also, Danny Gokey is the VFTW pick this week. They swore they'd never pick him unless he did something awful because they HATE him over there. The screaming at the end locked it in.


Staci said...

I thought Kris chose a crappy song, I knew they'd ream him 10 seconds into it. I think Allison got lucky with the theme and her duet with Adam made her sing better than she has in weeks. I curled up in the fetal position on the floor when I heard Danny start singing Dream On. TOTALLY wrong song for him and I was afraid. I couldn't watch. This was my least favorite week so far. Adam is my hero.

Michelle said...

I agree with you point for point on this one. Steve's comment about Adam: "He sings Robert Plant better than Robert Plant."

Molly said...

Wow. I'm surprised Diggity has listened to enough Enrique to know that the guy sounded like Enrique.

And the playlist HILARIOUS! You were totally exposed to classic rock...isn't that what Diar Straits is??? ;)

allenaim photography and design said...

...anyone wishing ADAM would have sung Dream on???? I know I am!

Aselin said...

Last night was painful on many levels. Bad song choices, too much screaming... I'm a classic rock fan and it just didn't do it for me on any level. Thank goodness this week is over!!!

Diana said...

I love Kris! I am so sad if he goes. I feel they did this to get him off. How could they think the duets were fair. I hoping for the best!!!

Dana said...

no clue this week. can i borrow the mix? oh wait, i hate rock. give me brittany any day over slash.

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