Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol - Top 4 Results

Results time! I'm interested to see how this will go down. Dial Idol has Kris and Allison as the bottom two with less than a percentage point separating them.

I would hate to be the person that comes up with the treatments for the Ford commercials every week. How do you think of a new commercial every week? I think they've done this billboard thing already. Maybe it was magazines. I don't remember.

The Idols perform "School's Out" with Slash on guitar. Thankfully, it's going to be live. Rock just doesn't work for Danny or Kris. Blues, country, pop, yes. Rock, not so much. Allison and Adam sound SO cool together.

Diggity keeps dry heaving every time Seacrest announces that Paula is singing tonight. I want to sing, "One of these things is not like the others..." Daughtry! No Doubt! Paula Abdul!

Recap of last night: Kris is told not to be humble anymore. Adam is a total pro. Totally on message. Way to work in the Led-Zepplin-first-time-on-Idol thing again. Have to say, Danny is handling the awful note thing quite well. Very cool spin on it.

Wow. Paula's performance gets a video package? Wow. And she's lip synching and has a processor on her voice. There are all these weird references to her leaving idol on the video screens and int he dance. It's a stupid song with not great choreography and I think she worked every possible thing into the performance - wind machine, fireworks, flips. I don't even know what that was for or about. And I think it was pre-taped. The No Doubt performance was pre-taped after yesterday's show. And whoever mixed the audio did a lame job. I love Gwen Stefani and this is such a great song. She's running too much to sing well, but she's a blast to watch. But I digress.

So, we're more than halfway through and no results until now. I hate that. We're told that the three stools tonight are for the top three, not the bottom three and they will be announced in random order. The top three get to go home and be heroes in their town for the day. Seacrest goes through all of them one by one like usual.

First person that is safe is: KRIS!!! Yes! This makes me happy.

Daughtry is going to perform. We get reminded that Chris Daughtry got eliminated this week during his year. They're debuting their new single. This kid has serious pipes. He's amazing. They get their super huge platinum record plaque on stage. I'm glad they've done so well.

Second person that is safe is: ADAM!!!

Allison and Danny are left. Dial Idol says it's clearly Allison. But Dial Idol doesn't include text messages...

The final person in the top three is: DANNY!

Allison is going home. She's getting a great response from the audience. Cute girl. She'll have a great career. An all male top 3. I think that's a first.


Diana said...

I am so HAPPY!!!! Next I hope is Adam. I know it won't happen but I can pretend, RIGHT?

Nomad said...

the ironic thing about lip-syncing is that popular media outlets do it all the time, but it never fools anyone

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