Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol - Top 3 Performance Show

It's anybody's game tonight, I'm thinking. They're performing two songs tonight - one chosen by the judges, one by the contestant.

Danny Gokey - Dance Little Sister (Paula's pick)
I don't know this song either. This could work for him or against him. People tend to like familiar songs. Interesting that Danny is first tonight. He might be pitchy on the chorus. It's not a particularly hard melody and he's kind of yelling at us up until the sax solo. I didn't love the song or the performance. Randy likes it. Kara doesn't like the dancing. Paula is irrelevant here. (She's always irrelevant. What am I saying...) "Sign Your Name" would have been a much better choice for him. Good call, Simon. And though Danny is singing a ballad later (which was Paula's excuse for choosing this song), "Sign Your Name" has enough of a beat to it that it would have worked I think. I digress...

Kris Allen - Apologize (Kara & Randy's pick)
NICE. Excellent choice for him. Hope he kills it. He's sitting at the piano - excellent. I like that he's doing the chorus in falsetto and full voice. That's a cool little change. He's full voice through the second chorus and second chorus. Liked it a lot. Randy likes it. Kara was underwhelmed and wanted him to change it up. Paula - you aren't allowed to comment on bum notes or poor vocals. Simon calls Kara out for giving him the song and then criticizing him for singing the song the way it was originally recorded. It would have been cool on acoustic guitar. They should have suggested it. Wow. Kara is a little bit crazy tonight.

Adam Lambert - One (Simon's pick)
Again, I think it's unfair for Simon to pick for Adam. Simon got clearance from Bono for him to sing this. Pared down with just piano. Diggity doesn't take kindly to people messing with U2 songs, but I think he might even like this. Holy crap. That was amazing. Fantastic arrangement, great vocals. Fantastic. Randy likes it. Kara says it was unbelievable. Paula throws down some more analogies. I don't think I've heard this much of Paula all season. Diggity usually zips through her comments. Simon thought his song choice was brilliant. I love Simon.

Danny Gokey - You Are So Beautiful
He did a fantastic job with that song. Great liberties with the melody. Great vocals. He really did a good job. Simon called it a vocal masterclass. That's a pretty great compliment.

Kris Allen - Heartless
Not sure about Kanye West as a choice for Kris. Never mind. I like it. I love it! That was great. I can see why he went with piano on the first song. Randy and Kara are gushing. Paula is stupid, but she liked it. Simon likes it too. Kris is a total stud. That's why he's still here, kids. That performance right there. 1-866-IDOLS-02 or 08

Adam Lambert - Cryin'
This is a great choice for him. We'll see how he does. Okay. He ROCKED that out. Especially after Danny atrociously screamed Aerosmith last week. That was great. Everyone loved it and Simon reminds us to vote for Adam.

Watching the video recap back, here's who did the best job (in my humble opinion):

1. Adam
2. Kris
3. Danny

I don't know who will actually go home. I really have no clue. I hope it's Adam and Kris. I like Danny a lot, but I really think Adam and Kris were the best tonight.

Who did you like?


Staci said...

i feel like Danny's worst was worse than Kris's, (and I would have cried if Paula was picking my song. She often screws this up) but his best was better than Kris's best. I voted 40 times for Adam as my civic duty and will be ok with who ever else goes home. If Adam doesn't make it, I will swear off AI again (like I did after Melinda Dolittle didn't make it, and Katherine McPhee didn't make it.)

Jason Sundberg said...

I agree that Adam and Kris should be in the finals, but can someone please explain to me the crazy "idol"izing (excuse the pun) of Adam. I know, I know, he is very talented, but at the same time, I hate listening to him. For the most part, the whole time he's singing I am just cringing. When I picture myself stuck in my car listening to a cd of Adam Lambert's, I imagine myself cutting my own ears off. I just don't enjoy listening to him. At all. Doesn't anyone else in this country hate him besides me and my family? Also, on a separate note, I hate when it shows close ups of his face. It's just so meaty. Yuck. But, Macy, I think you should be a judge on American Idol. Too bad they don't know you. You'd be accurate and sane. A totally new concept for a female judge on that show. Love ya.


Jules said...

oh, Katie. I love you! I agree, wholeheartedly. I don't get the Adam thing.--yes he is talented, I am just sick of the whole screaming thing.
I agree with hearing more of Paula this season--maybe she is trying to show she knows what she is talking about? I usually tivo through her though.
My hope is Danny and Kris, although I know it will probably be Adam.

Emily said...

I don't know, probably Adam and Kris, I voted for Kris, and no one else partly because I'm lazy and I am really not sure who I want in the final. Do you know why he spells his name like a girl?
Ha, Miles just totally fell out of his bed. I shouldn't be laughing.

Macy said...

Staci - I laughed out loud at your comment about Melinda and Katherine. That was hilarious.

Katie - I have to agree a bit on the rock songs Adam sings. I don't love the song "Cryin'," and I can't say I would buy it as a single on iTunes. But I was completely geeking out at his technical capacity to sing like that. I agree on the face close ups. I was horrified at first at the need for Proactiv. I think he gets the dramatic lighting every week to tone that down. And I was blushing at your compliment. Thanks!

Jules - Paula makes me crazy. I was even crazier tonight listening to her so much more.

Emily - You made me laugh too. Is Miles okay?

Dana said...

I have to agree with the above comments that I would not listen to Adam's music but would Kris and Danny. He does have mad skills, though.

Staci said...

ok one more thing- I like Adam because technically, he is amazing. He can do things with his instrument that are almost impossible and completely controlled. Every note is made with precision and every word is sung with meaning. Yeah, he might not have a radio-popular sound, but I cannot help, as a trained singer, but pay the mad props he deserves for his ability to execute vocal gymnastics. And his high notes are NOT screaming, it's mad skills. He is not thrashing his vocal cords where most people who'd try to that wouldn't be able to speak for a month. He rocks. ok ok ok ok. sorry. i'm done.

Diana said...

I loved Kris second song he nailed it. I so hope he goes on. I do have to admit I do no like Adam it is not my kind of music and I do not think I would buy his music. I know he is a good singer, so I am wishing for Danny and Kris.

Emily said...

Yes, Miles is okay, he broke his bed rail so I took it down and every once in a while he rolls of and we find him moaning on the floor. It shouldn't be funny but it is.

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