Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol - Top 3 Results

I just got off a plane and got to my house. I still have baggage sitting in my car, but I have been really excited to see this results show. The bags can wait.

88 million votes last night. Less than 1 million separating the top two. That will make next week particularly drama filled. Excellent.

Very interesting article in USA Today - they followed the top three for the three days before the performance show. It's worth a read. Click here.

Extra lame Ford commercial this week. I can see the concept they were going for, but it didn't work for me. Totally excited about the homecoming packages for each contestant. This is one of my favorites parts of this episode. I may or may not have cried all the way through David Archuleta's homecoming footage last year. Danny drew some huge crowds in Wisconsin. Interesting that he is out on the stage first. He's either the first of the top two, or he's the first in the bottom two. Or, he evidently gets to wait until Kris sees his homecoming footage. Kris had some great crowds as well. So much fun for them to get to go home and see everyone.

While we watch Kris and his cute wife in their Arkansas parade, let's look at Dial Idol, shall we?

That's what we call "too close to call." It's going to depend on the text messages.

Jordin Sparks performs her new single written by the piano dude from One Republic. Kind of a catchy tune. She's done reasonably well for herself. I hope the second album does okay. I like her.

And now, Adam's homecoming footage. He's on the cover of the Entertainment Weekly that arrived while I was gone. I don't think that has ever happened before - they've had all the Idols on the cover while the show was still going on, but never just one. While we watch Adam visit his hometown of San Diego (he totally had the easiest travel schedule, by the way) Let's talk about Adam. I loved reading everyone's comments about him. Those of you that said you didn't like listening to the loud rock songs - I see your point. I would point out in return, that his falsetto acoustic performances are beautiful and quite easy to listen to. The beginning of "One" last night was gorgeous. And, along with Stacie, my love for Adam is pure technical admiration. Vocally and performance wise. He's brilliant on both fronts. That's why I love him. That, and he's a theater boy that actually has a shot to have a pop career. That's rare. But seriously - the fact that he can sing his face off like that and still be able to talk, let alone sing the next week, is amazing.

I hate Katy Perry. HATE. Her cape is hilarious. Too bad she can't sing live. I give her props for being a brilliant performer/showman, but I hate her music.

Four minutes left. I hope the Tivo makes it.

The top two are:
KRIS ALLEN!!! (The judges look shocked/excited about this. I yelled for joy!)

What?! That is AWESOME!

Danny is going home. I'm actually thrilled at this result. I like Danny and all, but he was the weakest last night. Next week's show is going to be completely amazing. And he will have a fabulous career on the country/Christian music circuit.


Staci said...

Amen and Amen. And I had an "old" moment because I had no flipping clue who Elvis girl was. Props for the outfit, not so much when she opened her mouth.

Dana said...

I love it that you HAD to watch this before doing anything else. And the fact that you get Entertainment Weekly at your home. That is why you love Adam Lambert for his technical skills - you're a music nerd. Gosh I love you!

Whitney Johnson said...

Love your commentary as usual! I loved Kris' Heartless -- it has been downloaded to my iPod. And yep the USA Today article was interesting!

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