Saturday, September 13, 2008

Raspberry Picking

After reading posts from two of my friends about their berry picking adventures (here and here), I decided that we needed to go pick raspberries on Friday. We went to the farm where we picked apples last year. It was a bit windy and overcast, but we had a great time. (The wind was quite helpful in blowing the leaves back so we could see where the most fabulous raspberries were hiding.)

Admit it, you want one. Or you want some of the jam I'm going to make.
Or the homemade ice cream.

G-Man kept wandering away from us as we were picking. He loves to explore.

He usually came back when we called. He also took the opportunity to pick some rocks in the strawberry field.

And we were surprised at what a good little helper he was. Without any direction, he started copying us and picked the ripe raspberries. I thought he was going to destroy the ones that hadn't ripened yet. He did smash a few as he picked them, but they were ripe.

Tougas also has a petting farm with some goats that smell lovely.

There are also some chickens running around. G-Man wasn't sure what to think of the chicken.

The pumpkin harvest has started. Tougas is famous for its pumpkin tree, pictured above.

Our awesome harvest!

P.S. Pumpkins don't grow on trees, silly. But Tougas Farms makes a "pumpkin tree" every year by wiring the pumpkins in one of their trees at the entrance to the pumpkin patch. It's cute.

P.P.S. For photography nerds only - I'm shooting in RAW from now on. Can you see the huge difference in color between the 2nd collage and the 4th collage? Same field, same light. The 2nd collage was shot in RAW and the 4th was in JPEG. I'm fully convinced now. Also, I need to get a backup battery. Mine ran out of juice. Our Sony point and shoot did pretty well in a pinch, but I needed more Photoshop help than with my camera.


Emily said...

Me and Isaac are looking at your pictures. Here is Isaac's comment "GASP, look at all those rasberries. It's Uncle NEAL!!! I will eat those all gone, Uncle Neal can't eat them." Sorry Neal. your out of luck.

Becca said...

N looks like he's had as much fun as G! We love, love, love Tougas. If you ever want to meet up, give me a holler.
Also, that's for the photo 411. Huge difference!

Shelley said...

Mmm...I love raspberries! I am glad you explained the pumpkin tree! What a creative idea!

TBone said...

love the raspberry pictures and all of the rest. pretty good stuff!!

Macy said...

Thanks! We ate some delicious freezer jam on warm, homemade wheat bread today. And tomorrow, I'm making the ice cream. I also made pizza rolls and Buckeye candies today. And the kitchen is clean. I haven't written my talk for Sacrament Meeting yet, but I made yummy food!

Stacie said...

Yum! How funny- I made raspberry freezer jam yesterday AND homemade bread! Although I wish I had gone somewhere cool like that to pick the raspberries. I just went to a local farmer's market. Still fun. Raspberries ROCK!!

Allan said...

Thanks for pictures of little G-Man. Such a cutie.

I only shoot regular pictures--I should take a class here on the ship ; )

BTW, word verification is eating up my minutes ; (

Dana said...

Yeah, I'd love some yummy jam! I'll be over in a jiffy...oh, and I want homemade bread too! And can you whip up some butter, too! Thanks!

LL said...

SO FUN! your pics are WAY better than mine, but we did take pictures of the same pumpkin box. SUCH a great place, I love Tougas.
BTW, ours never made it to jam, we ate them all.

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