Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Camp Joseph - Day 1

I need to go to bed or fold some laundry or something, but I had to get at least one day worth of Camp Joseph pictures posted here. Diggity, Laura, Rebecca and Allison already posted blogs highlighting at least one day. I was feeling like a blogging slacker.

We headed up to Camp Joseph on Friday afternoon and arrived to set up camp in our cute little cabin in the trees. It's not so much a cabin as a tiny room with two sets of bunk beds and barely enough room to cram G-Man's portable crib between them. Though we hit our heads and shins a lot, it was nice to not have to worry about setting up a tent.

After unpacking, we walked down to the main lawn where most of our ward was set up. Diggity and I had hoped that G-Man would like camping, or at least we thought this trip would give us an indication.

He loved it.

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