Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I've been very excited for tonight. Joshua for the win!

Twitch & Courtney (Hip Hop by TabNap) - Fun routine. A fast one from TabNap for a change. Very suited personality-wise to these two crazy kids.

Courtney (Solo) - Pretty typical one for her. I like her solos. The interview was cute too. I realized tonight that she's been so successful because of her time as a Knicks dancer. She's just fast at choreography and used to putting personality in everything.

Katee & Joshua (Lyrical by Wade Robson) - Wade, I have missed you. There were a lot of typical lyrical/modern movements in the piece, but the intensity and the story were great. John Mayer seems to be a popular one to choreograph to this season. I can see why - lots of percussive details in his music. Someone like Wade is going to bring all that stuff out. He puts it in his own music compositions.

Katee & Courtney (Broadway by Tyce Diorio) - This was cute, but not my favorite. I always feel like the girls are a little at a disadvantage in this pairing. It's almost like the choreographers don't know what to do.

Twitch (Solo) - Speaking of Wade Robson's music...perfectly suited for the way Twitch dances.

Twitch & Joshua (Russian Trepak) - Fun idea. I prefer Mia's dance last season for the two final men, but Twitch and Joshua's personalities made this really, really fun. I really can't believe how high Joshua was jumping. There was a rumor (now confirmed) that two of the four dancers were hospitalized over the weekend because of dehydration and exhaustion and that the two were Joshua and Twitch. After watching their routines tonight, I'm not surprised...

Katee (Solo) - I feel like I've seen this dance a whole bunch of times. She's fabulous, but it's the same thing.

Twitch & Katee (Foxtrot by Melanie & Tony) - First, I'm happy to see Melanie wearing color. I'm sure Stacey & Clinton are too. This foxtrot was very nice. Though I felt like they didn't keep their frame and no one seemed to notice but me.

Joshua (Solo) - They keep saying Joshua is untrained, but there he is as a boy in ballet class. Now, he isn't as trained as the others and he has focused on hip hop, but they should probably stop saying he has never taken class when he has. LOVE that he went and danced by the jidges. I laughed out loud several times during his solo. I also loved Cat's "stinky boy sweat" comment.

Courtney & Joshua (Jive by Jason the Australian choreographer) - Whew! That was crazy. They almost missed a hold. I'm tired. I need to rest.

Top Four (Contemporary by Mia) - Crazy scottish dance. Crazy, but cool. I don't think they ever stopped moving. Joyful and fun.


Final thoughts - Mandy Moore is the nicest judge ever. I won't miss Mary screaming. I'm voting for Joshua, though I also love Twitch & Katee. See you tomorrow!


Whitney Johnson said...

Joshua should win! Katee is fabulous as well. Probably it's in the order -- 3rd place is Twitch, 4th place is Courtney.

I do miss Chelsie.

Molly said...

I've already voted for Joshua at least 25 times and I'm not done. Go Joshua!

Grammy said...

I don't know how many times I voted for Joshua last night - at least 25 or so. I hope he wins tonight but you just never know - I can't wait.

.:.The Bjorkmans.:. said...

Macy!!! I should've known that you would love SYTYCD as much as me!! That just made my day!! I agree with everything. Go Joshua!
Becca Clark B.

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