Thursday, August 7, 2008


Big judging panel tonight. Everyone is in the house, including Miss Debbie Allen. The whole Top 20 (except Jessica) is on stage for the introductions. I always forget about the first few couples that were sent home. Don't even remember some of the names before Thayne was eliminated.

Nerd alert - I'm actually getting teary during the first clip montage showing the journey of the Top 20. Normally, I wouldn't admit such a thing, but tonight I'm going to glory in my lameness.

Top 20 Group Dance! By Shane Sparks! Very cool slo-mo stuff. The part with Gev sliding under the girls' feet was cool - wish we could have actually seen it. I want to punch the camera men right now. We don't have to use every shot that is possible, you know. That is one advantage to the tour. You can actually see all the formations and movement around the stage.

Commercial Break - I'm checking Dial Idol. They say:
1 - Joshua
2 - Twitch
3 - Katee
4 - Courtney
Hope they are right. The judges pick their favorite routines for encore tonight. So fun! Tour preview!

SPOILER ALERT. You should stop reading if you don't want to know how the top 4 placed.

  • Nigel picks Joshua & Katee's Bollywood routine. I don't know that I appreciated this as much as I should have the first time. Very cute that Joshua & Katee walked over to be judged.
  • Mary picks Gev & Courtney's rhumba. This one was sweet. Gev was amazing. And as scanty as Courtney's dress is, I love it.
  • Robert Muraine vs. Phillip Chbeeb!! This is going to be krrr-rayzee!! Robert Muraine is not human. He must be made of plastic. He's the star of Ikea's new commercial. Thanks, SYTYCD! I completely agree with Debbie and Lil' C - Phillip was more musical, but Robert is way more entertaining. Robert for the win!
  • Adam is taking a long time to plug his Step Up movies. I think he's going to pick Comfort & Twitch's hip hop routine, but it might take a while...that's some crackerjack camera work there guys. I love that downstage platform, but I'd rather see the dancers.
  • Lil' C picks Chelsie & Mark's "Bleeding Love" routine. LOVE this one. And I love Lil' C. He's the smartest judge they have.
  • Mary Murphy is dancing with Dmitry. Yikes. Frankly, I'd be nervous to go out there and do that. Though, she's lost 30 pounds with those Core Rhythms DVDs. She looks great.
  • Mia picks the pas de deux that Desmond Richardson choreographed for Will and Katee. Probably my favorite dance of the season. Will, I've missed you. They got the spin under the leg that time! Seriously, that isn't even in the same league as the rest of the dancing. I'm crying. Can't wait to see that one on tour.
  • Adam picks again, this time the crazy jazz routine that Courtney & Mark did a couple weeks ago. They had to get Courtney back on stage. I'm pretty sure after this they're going to tell her she didn't win.
Results - Courtney is 4th. I know. I rule at predicting.
  • Top 5 guys are back with the "Five Guys Named Moe" routine. So cute. And much better costumes this time.
  • Cirque de Soleil just performed a number from the new Kris Angel "Believe" show choreographed by Wade Robson. Wade is outstanding. The dance was a funeral dirge in honor of all the rabbits that have died at the hands of incompetent magicians. Where do you come up with that in your brain? He's got such a talent for making things theatrical.
Results - Katee is 3rd. Dial Idol is on it so far! And she was just surprised to find out they have a prize for the top girl this year. $50,000. Nice!
  • Cute little dancers from the Debbie Allen dance academy are tap dancing to "Boogie Wonderland." And here comes Nigel. I'm annoyed and impressed all at the same time. The man is doing wings and the jump over the leg step that I can never remember the name of. Adam challenges him to a dance off for next year and one of them comments that all the judges should be out there dancing at some point. I agree. Those who Those who can't...teach. Those who really both.
  • Mary chooses the door routine that Mia choreographed for Twitch & Katee. Love it.
  • A group called the Jonas Brothers is performing. They look familiar. Just kidding. I like this song. It sounds like a Maroon 5 Jr. song.
  • Debbie Allen picks the waltz that Kherington & Twitch did pretty early on. It really is a lovely dance and I did miss Kherington. If she could have danced with Mark as well as she did with Twitch she would have stayed in longer.
  • Nigel picks a TabNap routine. I hope it is "No Air." It is!! Woo-hoo!! They had to do this one. This routine set the bar from week one, in my humble opinion. And now that Katee doesn't bug me anymore, I like it even more. So good.
  • A "where are they now" package with dancers from all the prior seasons!! This makes me very happy. I've been here watching since episode 1 of season 1. Love it.
  • Oh. My. Goodness. Former season favorites back dancing to Rhianna. THIS makes my day. Dominic, Lauren, Travis, Anya, Benji, Melodie, Jaimee, Allison (dancing two months after having a baby - for this, I will punch her), Ivan, Neil, Dmitry, Ryan & Hok. And here comes this year's top 20. That was fabulous. Hold on...I'm rewinding it and watching it again.
Last Set of Results!! Okay - it comes down to Joshua & Twitch. Two hip-hoppers. First time ever that a hip hop dancer will win. They're both praying.

JOSHUA FOR THE WIN!!!! YES!!! (For the record, I would have been happy for Twitch too.)

Glad we get to see him actually celebrate and win. The show ran late last year and Sabra totally got cut off. Awww. He's so cute. Twitch and Will picked him up and put him on their shoulders. Love it.

Now, I have to wait until next year...sigh. But Biggest Loser starts in a few weeks! Thank goodness I have Project Runway and High School Musical: Get in the Picture to keep me satiated on the reality TV front until it starts. :)

(I promise that I do have a life and that I take good care of my husband and son and my home. Just had to say that.)

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