Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Things I'm Learning in Hawaii

  • Everybody says "Alo-HA!"  You're supposed to say it back.  (Seriously - everyone says it.  No one says hello.  Except me.  I keep forgetting to say "Alo-HA!)
  • "Mahalo" means thank you.  Everyone says that too.
  • Don't drive from the airport in Honolulu to Waikiki on the Nimitz Highway.  The H-1 takes 1/4 the time.
  • I have not learned, but rather decided, that whoever came up with the brilliant idea of covering macadamia nuts with chocolate should be knighted or have a special place in Heaven or something like that.   Also, a big shout out to Hershey's for creating macadamia nut Hershey's Kisses. Yes, please I will have some more.  Mahalo!
  • I can no longer leave toilet covers up and bathroom doors open around G-Man.  He thinks any collection of water needs to be splashed around with his hands.  Including toilets.  Lots of hand washing going on around here.  
  • I can no longer turn my back on G-Man at any point.  He has learned to climb.  I turned around the first day we were in Maui and he was sitting in the middle of a glass coffee table in our condo.  He also climbs up on the couch and sits next to me.  And then turns around and dances in front of the wall of mirrors behind the couch.
  • Undercurrents are strong.  Waves are big.  This is a picture of Diggity's sister and brother playing in one of the waves yesterday.  These waves are nothing compared to what hit us in the afternoon.  When the red flags were out.
  • Swimming when the red flags are flying out on the beach is maybe not a good idea.
  • A 15 foot wave will wash up pretty high on the shore.  Way higher than you think.  Don't leave your cell phone there. Or your iPod.  Or your baby.  He will cry when the water reaches him.
  • When running to help your sister-in-law deal with your now crying baby, watch out for the 12 foot wave that immediately follows the 15 foot wave.  It will completely wreck you, turn you over under water and leave a lot of sand in your hair and swimming suit.
  • The condo complex we are staying in has about 40 pounds of sand running through it's water pipes every day.  I contributed 5 pounds just on my own yesterday.
  • Diggity's grandma is amazing.  (I already knew this, I'm just sharing with the rest of you.) She turns 90 tomorrow and she went parasailing yesterday.  PAR-A-SAILING.  Over the ocean.  90 years old.  I want to be like her when I grow up.  This is a picture of her returning from the trip. She's the dish in the white visor.
  • Hawaii is great, but Hawaii with family is even better.
More pictures from the first part of our trip later.  I took a lot of pictures in Honolulu, but we've had so much fun since arriving in Maui with the rest of the family, I haven't taken nearly as many pictures.  Thankfully, Yvonne has the camera with her at all times - including our arrivals at the airport.  It's been fun to see all the pictures she has taken.  If you're curious, you can check out her pictures here.


Michelle said...

Neal's grandma is my hero. That. Is. Awesome!

LL said...

MACY! hooray for this post..I need to study it and use it over the next week. LOVING the parasailing great is that! she's adorable!!!
enjoy your trip home, funny that we are following right behind your same vacation.
See you guys in a few weeks!
Alo-HA and MAHALO!!!

Karyn Mann said...

Looks like such a great vacation!
We leave for Costa Rica tomorrow for the big wedding. AAAHHHHhh!!!
Hope you guys are well.

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