Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dinner at Molly & J's

We had dinner as a family at Molly & J's house this past Sunday. It has been really nice to see Molly, J and Alice more during this Utah visit. When we came in April, Alice was in the hospital. We were able to see Molly and J at night, but it's been really great to see Alice at home. I love this picture of Molly and Alice. Molly puts Alice right in front of her face where Alice can see her and talks to her to help calm her down.

Aren't these cousins cute!? They are only a few months apart in age and it was fun to see them interacting a little bit. As Miles gets older, they're going to have even more fun.

G-Man's adventures at the park a couple weeks ago have stuck. Every time he sees a slide, he climbs it.

And then slides down on his tummy.

Miles has been so fun to play with. He's changed the most of our little gang. (Matt & Isaac are in the background. I think trying to get Isaac back into his clothes that he had shed without permission.)

What a cutie.  He's reaching for and looking at his daddy standing behind me.

Best. Picture. Ever.

This is how the three oldest cousins capped off the night.  Playing in Macy's room in various stages of undress.  It's great to be a kid in the summertime.

We're off to L.A. tomorrow night for the first leg of our Hawaii adventure.  I'm glad we get the chance to come back for a couple days on the way home.  G-Man has had such a great time playing with his cousins.  We went swimming with Macy today and on our way to visit Grandma Great tonight, he and Macy were cracking each other up laughing and dancing in the car.  It was so fun to watch them and listen to them.   He's going to be so bored when we get back to Massachusetts.  :)


Stacie said...

It is so fun to see all these pictures! You're right, that picture of Matt & boys is one of the cutest things ever. It really is a great photo. They need to frame it!

LL said...

Macy. GREAT pictures. The one of Molly and her baby and your brother with his kids. SO NEAT!!!
Hope you're enjoying your time away. When is your Hawaii trip?

Michal said...

this makes me so excited to take my kids to utah to see their cousins later this week. cousin time is the best.

Michal said...

p.s. wish you were going to be in utah instead of hawaii when i'm there. i'll bet don't wish that, though. i'd take hawaii any day.

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