Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SYTYCD Catchup

I have many things to do now that we have arrived home (story in a future post), but I've missed two weeks in a row, and with a new show on tonight, I am trying to get the shows watched and get my bearings.   Because I'm so late posting, the routines can all be accessed on You Tube.  I linked the names of the dancers to the routines.  So, here are brief thoughts on the Top 16 and Top 14 shows...

Top 16 Show:
Judges - I really like Adam Shankman.  He gets so excited about the show and seems to be a fan as well as a judge.  And he's giving them general pointers that they can use in the future.
Kherington & Twitch (Hip Hop) - Loved it.  Thought Kherington had a bit of a cheerleader face.
Gev & Courtney G. (Rhumba) - Great song.  The dance was good, but I thought the most impressive part was when Courtney's heel got caught in her dress (dress?  half-dress?) and she reached down and fixed it.
Comfort & Chris (Jazz) - Luh-ame.  Didn't like it.  Tyce's routines are really hit and miss for me this year.  I'm very glad Chris went home.
Will & Jessica (Disco) - I love Will.  That's all.
Kourtni L. & Matt (Contemporary)  - I like the story they're giving in the video before the dance.  I'm not a super huge fan of this routine.
Chelsea & Thayne (Quickstep) - Poor kids had a bad week last week and then draw the quickstep this week.  Kiss of death.  I'm not sure we should quickstep to Phil Collins.  (G-Man loves the song though.  He just quit playing with his toys and started to dance.)  Looks like Chelsea deserved the boot this week.
Chelsie & Mark (Hip Hop) - Super Kimmie showed me this one on the TV when I was in Utah.  It doesn't disappoint on multiple viewings.  Great story, great routine, great performance.
Katee & Joshua (Samba) -  Super Kimmie's other favorite for the week.  Also great on the second viewing.  Nigel made a comment about Katee finding the other half of Courtney's dress and hilariously, it is true.  The left side of Courtney was covered and the right half of Katee is covered.  Joshua amazes me.  I love Will, but I'm fascinated by people who just dance naturally.  Sabra from last seasons was like that.  So is Joshua.
When you get time, make sure you watch these routines from the results show:

Top 14 Show:
Judges - Tabitha and Napoleon are sitting on the judges panel this week.  I'd rather have them choreograph.  And I'm not a fan of Cat's outfit.
Jessica & Will (Jive) - I love Will.  And I'll tell you why.  He dances and moves and extends through everything.  He's just amazing.  
Comfort & Thayne (Broadway) - I do like that this new Broadway choreographer is using classic stuff like West Side Story and that he included some classic Jerome Robbins moves.  I'm a total geek about that kind of stuff.  I'm not sure this story resonated with the audience.
Kourtni & Matt (Hip Hop) - I don't know if it is because these two are so tall that this just didn't work for me, or if it was the routine.  This might have worked better with another couple.  I'm glad they went home.  I'm just not a fan.
Chelsie & Mark (Jazz) - It was cute.  I don't think I'll remember this routine long term, but I can see why it kept them safe.  (Mary just screamed for Chelsie and G-Man screamed back at the TV just like her.  I'm thinking he can't watch her anymore. :)  He's still having a great time dancing.)
Kherington & Twitch (Paso Doble) - I watched this one online and didn't like it as much.  It was better on second viewing and on the TV.  I can see their facial expressions, which were awesome.
Katee & Joshua (Contemporary) - I always think the people who end up with Mia are so lucky.  Outstanding.
Courtney & Gev (Hip Hop) - It was alright.  Courtney was better than Gev.  They're kind of lucky that Matt and Kourtni were more boring this week or they might be in trouble.
Jessica & Will (Lyrical Jazz) - I think Mandy Moore's routines are great, but when she adds a prop it goes to a different level in my opinion.  The table routine she did for Neil and Sabra last year was one of my favorites, and this one with the shirt was just outstanding.
Comfort & Thayne (Waltz) - They saved themselves with this routine.  
Kourtni & Matt (Mambo) - This routine did them in.  They've been so lacking in confidence all night.
Chelsie & Mark (Foxtrot) - This was a great routine and the Paul Anka album that their song came from is OUTSTANDING.
Kherington & Twitch (Contemporary) - One of my favorites this season.  Bold prediction - This routine will be nominated for an Emmy.  My theory is that the choreographers have started coming up with routines that people will want to see on tour as we get closer to the top 10
Katee & Joshua (West Coast Swing) - Benji Schwimmer did the choreography and when I saw it online, I thought it was a bit boring.  But I liked it more on the TV.
Courtney & Gev (Broadway) - Loving this new Broadway choreographer.  He's outstanding.  Again, classic Bernstein music with Gene Kelly moves.  Fabulous. 

From the results show:

Bold Prediction - Based on what I saw in these past two shows, Thayne is the boy going home and either Jessica or Comfort going home from the girls

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Stacie said...

Can I just say I'm so happy that you're back blogging about SYTYCD?! I mean, I'm glad you went to Hawaii and all :), but SO missed the recaps! That said, I agree with it all! I thought the same thing about the bed routine. I thought to myself, there goes the table routine of this season (so far). And the only thing I will say (and hopefully you've watched the results show by now), is that I do NOT like Comfort. She should have gone home! HOME I SAID! Especially after tonight, I'm just plain mad she got to stick around.

That's it. Bye.

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