Thursday, July 24, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 8 Results

I got to watch part of last night's show again today with some friends. I like watching with others. Diggity is a good sport, but he does not share my enthusiasm. We're live blogging tonight! No Tivo. That means I'll have to listen to Toni Basil talk, which will be annoying. Hopefully, I'll live through it.

Excellent opening number. Choreographed by Chuck Maldonado, one of Nigel's assistants for the "5 Guys Named Moe" number from last week. Diggity liked it, so it must be good.

A British man is asking everyone who is eligible to go vote. Reminding us of the people who fought so we can cast that vote. Ironic? I mean, everyone that is eligible should vote, but I've always been bothered by the number of people that will spend hours voting and texting, but can't travel three blocks to their local elementary school to cast their vote in an election. (Stepping down from soapbox. Don't even get my brother started on this topic. Unless you have an hour or so...)

We've adopted the American Idol backstage looking at the monitor results shot. Interesting. I will revive my method for sharing AI results.
  • Katee is first out on the stage, and she
  • Will is...ummm, wait. Cat is talking to someone off camera with her eyes. The camera men are drunk again...Will is in the bottom 2. Uh oh. I didn't vote last night. I feel slightly responsible for this.
  • Comfort is next. She the bottom 2. Obviously.
  • Mark is next. He is going to be safe because of where he is in the lineup. Woh. If he's safe, Joshua or Twitch are in the bottom and one of my boys is going home. Mark is safe. I can't believe it. Now I really feel responsible. It isn't that I dislike Mark. I just like Joshua, Twitch and Will more. I now predict Twitch will be going home since my prediction from last night was just pulled from me. I still think Comfort is going home.
  • Chelsie is next out on stage and she is safe. Courtney's in the bottom 2.
  • Twitch is next. He's in the bottom 2. He just turned and went upstage and collapsed on his knees. Never seen a reaction like this before. Wow. I love Cat. She followed him upstage to give him a hug. Ryan Seacrest wouldn't do that. Neither would Jeff Probst. Cat was robbed, Emmy nominators. Don't overlook her next year in that reality show host category, mmkay?
  • Joshua is coming out on stage next. We can do math. Do we really need him to come out onstage and leave Courtney alone back there knowing she is in the bottom 2?
  • Courtney is coming out already knowing she is in the bottom 2. We could have planned that better and brought the last two girls and the last two guys out at the same time.
Los Angeles Ballet has two ballerinas doing a pas de deux from a George Balanchine ballet. Lovely. And dancing to Gershwin. Very lovely. Lovely steps. I wish ballet made me feel something more.

More foolish people in LA making morons of themselves so fabric softener can be sold. Yawn.

First two solos - Comfort is sticking her tongue out a lot. Will is dancing on the edge of the stage. Very cool. Except that our crackerjack cameramen couldn't find him for the first few seconds of the song. Nigel theorizes that perhaps Will and Twitch are in the bottom because people think they are going to sail through and don't vote for them. (We've seen this time and time again on AI. It's the Chris Daughtry problem, people! When will we ever learn?!? I include myself here. I didn't vote for Chris the week he got sent home. It's plagued me ever since.)

Last two solos - Courtney should have done that solo last night. Twitch was his usual self.

LL Cool J is performing. Pimped out microphone stand. I want one. My name sculpted into metal on a mic stand wouldn't look as cool as his name does. I need a rap name for my mic stand. Any suggestions? :) LL just did the "IV Real" sign. Sigh... I have been steadily moving away from the rap scene, but I have to say that this song doesn't sound like anything I have heard in the radio in the last couple years. Not in a good way. It sounds like a single he should have released a few years ago. Maybe it's just me.

Results. Girls first. Comfort is going home. Thank goodness. That was nice of them to make a new highlights package for her.

And now the boys. I'm not happy about this either way. Very, very upset right now. Plus I feel responsible for what is about to happen. Will is going home. I just screamed. Uggghhhhhhhh. America is lame.


Neal said...

MC Schmoopie?

Grammy said...

Will - WHAT? You've got to be kidding me. I really like Twitch but out of those two I wish Twitch would have gone home - but really it should have been Mark. Ugh.

Molly said...

I can't believe you got me hooked on this show and then I got all attached to Will and then he got voted off...all because you didn't vote! If Joshua gets voted off next week because you don't vote again I'm going to be VERY upset. I hope you learned your lesson.

(Sorry. I had to take it out on someone.)

Becky said...

Stupid America! Now I'm going to have to start voting. Will was the best and we let him slip away.

TheFashionista said...

OMIGOSH! I read your blog before I saw the results show! AAAAAARGH! Will! The most perfect dancer body evah! Why, America, why? ...Well, I didn't vote either, so I guess I learned my lesson too.

Macy said...

Lesson 1: I will vote every week.

Lesson 2: I will post a spoiler disclaimer at the top of these posts so that my West Coast/Tivoing friends don't find out about the results until they want to.

Macy said...

MC Schmoopie is an excellent rap name, though I'm not sure how it will look on my new mic stand.

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