Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 8

I got to watch the first hour of the show at a Young Women's activity. It was so fun to watch this show with a group of teenage girls. Where possible, I'll point out the things that made all of them scream. I had to watch the first hour on Tivo again because they were talking over each other during the judges comments and I couldn't hear a thing they were saying.

First, I'm really over the dancers flashing that "IV Real" sign. I get it. You're season 4. You're for real dancers. Now stop it. Especially Comfort. She does it every time a camera is on her. It's old.

Will & Courtney (Samba) - I love Will. But you know that. Courtney did a great job too. Fun music, loved the fringe. (Ummm....Mary, Punk'd hasn't been on the air for a couple years. I know you are trying to be current with the kids, but that didn't work.) One of my YW said she didn't want Will to win because he's too perfect. I told her to bite her tongue. She didn't like Danny from last season either. Luckily, she liked Neil and Sabra or we would have had a fight. :)

Comfort (Solo) - Her solos are SO boring to me. I don't like watching them. It feels like the same steps over and over and over.

Katee & Twitch (Contemporary) - Mia Michaels gets ANGRY! (I love that the audience cheers for Mia when they see her in the pre-dance package.) This was a great dance. The girls started screaming when they kissed, and they loved the part where Katee is hanging on the door and when Twitch is dancing across the stage with Katee hanging on him. Great performance.

Will (Solo) - SO much fun. I loved it. The girls loved his wig. I don't think they know who James Brown is though, so I don't think they appreciated it as much as they should have. That pencil turn was amazing. 1-866-TEMPO-02

Comfort & Mark (Hip-Hop) - I don't know how Comfort drew hip hop again. Lucky. Napoleon & Tabitha are universally loved by the girls in the room. And they LOVED this routine. Especially the flip over the back. Nigel is right - Comfort is so much better when she is given choreography.

Katee (Solo) - We liked it, but we all decided that Katee wiggles her fingers in every solo and that maybe she needs to come up with another move. Also, I think this marks the fifth week in a row that we've been subjected to a Celine Dion solo. That's just lazy. Make those music clearance people do their job. 1-866-TEMPO-03

Joshua & Chelsie (Argentine Tango) - Choreographed by Dmitry. He is wearing a shirt, so my friend Lori will be disappointed. I love Chelsie's fringy dress. The girls commented on the fact that none of the ballroom dresses are modest, though they are cool. I was uncomfortable when the thigh caressing happened. I would have been mildly shocked at home, but we had some 12 year old girls in the room, so I was a bit mortified. We also loved the foot kicking between the legs sequence. (I'm also mortified by Toni Basil's face lift. Oh Mickey, not so fine...)

Mark (Solo) - Unlike some people, (ahem...Comfort) I feel like Mark plans out his solos and actually choreographs them. I also enjoy when Mark dances to Cat's phone number spiel.

Will & Courtney (Hip Hop) - I wanted to like this more. I liked the "No Air" routine more. My favorite part was at the end when they were slow dancing. It was good though. (I hate when Mary tries to act like she doesn't like something when she really does. She needs to stop that. The YW agree with me.) Toni "I was one of the first pop & lockers" Basil - When you were locking in the 80's, you were wearing a cheerleader outfit. That was why people didn't take you seriously. I don't think it had as much to do with the actual dance steps as your clothes and that you can't sing.

Chelsie (Solo) - I liked this solo. I'm a big fan of fringe dresses on ballroom dancers. Happy birthday Chelsie!

Twitch & Katee (Broadway) - As a Broadway nut, I love that Tyce uses popular and predictable Broadway songs for his routines, but then he goes and pulls this song from Bubbling Brown Sugar. Not such a popular show. Now, the song has a life of its own and has been recorded many times, but he used the cast recording which isn't heard as much. Go Tyce! That was a delightful number. Twitch & Katee were great. I'm becoming more of a Katee fan every week.

Sidenote - I'm really not enjoying Toni Basil as a judge. Anyone? No one? Ok. Just checking.

Joshua (Solo) - Loved the unwinding of the legs and again with the lightning quick isolations.

Courtney (Solo) - Probably my favorite solo from her so far.

Sidenote 2 - I actually stopped to rewind and watch the trailer for "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2." I just finished the 4th book. Yes, I read teen fiction. I like it. And I'm going to see the movie. So there.

Twitch (Solo) - Not my favorite solo from him, but you gotta love the personality.

Comfort & Mark (Foxtrot) - Uh oh. Ballroom for them will probably spell trouble. Comfort's arms look terrible to me. I don't know much about the ballroom, but they don't go out in a straight line very much. That was BO-ring. Mark is trying so hard. Poor kid. They're my bottom two after that. Even with the killer hip hop.

Chelsie & Joshua (Disco) - Disco has been hit or miss this season. I hope it's a HIT! (Tagline borrowed from Paul Canaan. He's my friend. I can use it. Especially if I buy a t-shirt when they come out.) It was! I loved when Joshua was getting the audience into it. The lifts were super fun. And hard. Go Josh! Go Chelsie!

I don't even know about the bottom 2. But I'm almost positive that Mark and Comfort are going home tomorrow. America has been pretty good about voting off the people with the weakest dance routines, and that foxtrot was LAME. As far as the other people in the bottom 2, I have no idea. Courtney or Chelsie. It seems like Katee has a big fan base. For the guys, I'm guessing Twitch or Will for the other spot. The three of them were great, but it seems like people really love Joshua. But what do I know...

(I don't usually watch the credits, but I just looked up while they were dancing and Joshua was doing disco moves with Twitch standing behind him looking at him like he was crazy. High-larious.)


Molly said...

I didn't like Toni at all. I skipped her every time.

McKell said...
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Stacie said...

I just want to say 1) I agree with everything, down to how old "for real" is getting, and 2) I love your recaps. LOVE THEM. I seriously look forward to reading them.

McKell said...

Toni was driving me NUTS! She tied every single dance somehow back to "street"-- If I have to hear her say that one more time during tonight's result show it may send me over the edge..

The real reason I'm commenting though... LOVED Paul Canaan on Legally Blonde - Particularly the very end when he threw the confetti and screamed his famous tagline. He's classic. He looked so familiar the whole season and I was glad Kris finally reminded me he'd come up to judge the pageant with you that one time.
Fun show, sad it's over..

Grammy said...

I so did not like Toni - can you say badoop badoop.

Macy said...

Yes. Toni was lame. I'm glad you all agree.

Stacie - Thank you. It makes me happy to hear that people read them. And it is fun to feel like I'm having a virtual discussion.

McKell - Paul is a cutie. I'm hoping to hang out with him when we're in NY soon. However, it was Paul's best friend Wade that judged the pageant. Also an excellent judge. I don't think I've laughed so much in a day as I did that day. What a fun memory.

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