Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Dear Mom,

Happy birthday! I know that where you are right now, birthdays are probably not such a big deal, but it helps me feel better to remember. Everyone in the family is doing really well, but you probably already know that too. I still miss you a lot and I wish a lot of things, but most of all I wish you could come visit me in Boston just for one day and play with G-Man and get to meet Diggity. As I have been watching him lately, I keep thinking of how you would say that every age was your favorite as I grew up. That you would keep thinking that this age was your favorite, but then I would get older and you'd think this new age was your favorite. I have been thinking that the past few weeks as I watch G-Man and his little personality developing and as he learns new signs and new words. It's so much fun. Thank you for instilling a love and desire for motherhood in me. I didn't realize I would love it this much. I think because I had to talk myself out of believing it would ever happen for me, I tried to find joy in other things and tell myself that it really didn't matter that much if I ever got to have a child of my own. And I was happy and I did feel joy, but it really pales in comparison to now. And I'm grateful for what I have gone through, because I think I appreciate my family so much more.

And now, I'm rambling. This is about your birthday.

I miss you. G-Man and I will send you a balloon today. Watch for it.


P.S. Thanks for the really awesome sunset in Maui on our last night there.

P.P.S. I know this sounds silly, but I keep thinking that with Grandma and Grandpa both there with you that they should throw you a really cool party to make up for your 16th birthday and when everyone forgot your birthday and you thought you were getting a surprise party but you started to cry because everyone forgot and they ran to get you a luggage set at the last minute. I know that's all water under the bridge and you all have more important things to worry about now, but I like the thought of you having a really amazing birthday party with friends and family around you.


Molly said...

Geez, make me cry...and it's not even officially Mom's birthday here yet! I should be able to wait until it's actually her birthday. I love that picture of her.

The Takemoto Family said...

And now I'm crying and I only knew her so very little.......

LL said...

loved that. it's always touching to hear you talk about your mom.
Happy Birthday to her, I'm sure she's celebrating with her parents.
and I had to laugh at her 16th birthday story...she sounds like an amazing lady!!!

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