Wednesday, July 16, 2008

SYTYCD -Top 10

Top 10 night! Jessica's out - Comfort's back in! Jessica apparently has two broken ribs and another one that is having troubles. She can't dance for 4 weeks. And new partners. And solos. And we vote for individuals. Big fun.

Joshua & Courtney G. (Hip Hop) - Such a great routine. The Bride of Frankenstein story was fabulous and funny. Joshua was fabulous.

Chelsie - I'm rarely fond of the solos from the ballroom dancers. There have been a few memorable solos, and they were all from men. (Pasha, Dmitri & Benji) This was a typical, kind of boring ballroom solo.

Kherington & Mark (Country Two Step) - Ouch. It had some cute moments, but the turns were so sloppy and choppy. They actually let their hands go in the middle of turns. Loved Little C's comments - don't let that blood spill on the dance floor beacause those wounds are deep when you make mistakes. Brilliant.

Gev - Did some very cool b-boy stuff with his shirt. Fun to watch.

Comfort & Twitch (Smooth Waltz) - This is either going to be horrible or brilliant. (Who let the rhythm retarded mosh pit from AI into the studio!?!?! Make them stop waving their arms!) Well, it was neither. It was...meh. Again, so choppy. Twitch was more committed to it than Comfort was.

Courtney - Passionate, fun. Some great steps. Yikes...she is short! Look at her next to Cat! She could fit in my pocket. 1-888-TEMPO-03

Katee & Will (Broadway) - I'm very hopeful about this partnership. Katee is the strongest girl, in my opinion. (I just had to start the song over to see who was singing. It's Sam Harris - Star Search winner famous for singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." I've never heard this arrangement before. I like it.) Cute routine. Little C is an excellent judge. I'm loving his comments. He's very insightful in a way that the other choreographers haven't been.

Mark - He's crazy. I love it. So much charisma.

Chelsie & Gev (Contemporary) - The two remaining Utah kids are together! I'm not sure if I like this new contemporary choreographer yet. Chelsie really is a beautiful presence on the stage.

Comfort - I don't know what to say. She's great in her style. I can see that she's going to get a lot of music video work as a result of this. That's all I have.

Twitch - I love Wade Robson's music. He puts great sounds and rhythms so the dancer can hit and do isolations. Twitch took full advantage there. I loved the slide move across the floor.

Courtney & Joshua (Rhumba) - I love a good rhumba. The choreography is going to be there, I hope they pull it off. Holy crap. I loved that. Joshua just became my new favorite dancer. I don't usually get chills during the ballroom routines, but that was great. Potential tour number!

Katee - She's just fantastic. 1-888-TEMPO-07

Kherington & Mark (Jazz) - I love this song. I didn't like the routine as much as I wanted to. Maybe I'm not in a good mood tonight. It felt like there was performance quality lacking. Even though there wasn't a story, it still needs to have something there.

Will - That was beautiful. 1-888-TEMPO-08

Comfort & Twitch (Hip Hop) - They're lucky they drew this. This might save Comfort. I've never seen a worm done on the back before. Go Twitch. Sweet. That might erase the memory of the waltz. I'm glad Comfort finally took the opportunity to show that she can dance. She does a great job in the group routines, but not so consistent in the partner stuff. (Mary - please don't ever say "buck" ever again. Not even in a joking way. You really can't pull that off.)

Kherington - That was pretty cute. Good technique. She was trying to get her heart in it, but I think she had a rough night.

Katee & Will (Pas de deux) - I'm excited for this. Desmond Richardson is choreographing? Are you kidding? With Katee and Will?! This is going to be fabulous. And David Archuleta is singing "Imagine"!!! That was And they even messed up one of the steps. They are such beautiful artists. Amazing. We'll probably be seeing that one on the tour too! Huzzah!

Joshua - Those isolations were so fast it was crazy. And the end made me laugh out loud. What a cutie. 1-888-TEMPO-10

Chelsie & Gev (Jive) - That was fun. And ridiculously fast. Chelsie is amazing. Gev was trying, but he wasn't quite there.

My ideal top 4 based on tonight - Katee, Courtney/Chelsie, Will and Joshua.
Going home? Kherington (or maybe Comfort) for the girls. Mark (or perhaps Gev) for the boys. I'm betting on Kherington and Mark though. Both of their dances were lame.

P.S. Tabitha & Napoleon have a new show on TLC called Rock the Reception. I Tivoed it and watched it last night. One of the wedding couples was kind of boring and it was awkward to watch them dance, but the other one was so fun. The fun couple had been through a lot of tribulation (husband shipped to Iraq, wife diagnosed with breast cancer upon his return) and they wanted to have a fun moment to lighten everyone's mood. I laughed, I cried. It was fun. Here is the clip. If you want to see the wedding ceremony, (which I recommend - it isn't long) fast forward to :50 and watch till the end. So cute. It's definitely a Tivo show. I zipped through the first couple because I just couldn't watch.


Stacie said...

I couldn't agree more with your top 4. Down to the Courtney/Chelsie part. I have been huge (I mean huge) fans of Katee and Joshua all along, and not everyone loves them like I do. So I loved hearing that you agree. And then Will. Oh my goodness, Will.

Macy said...

I'm coming around with Katee. I really had a hard time with the way they portrayed her when she was being chosen for the final 20. I thought she was bratty - also misunderstood - but bratty. She's been so consistent and good, I'm coming around.

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