Thursday, June 12, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 20 Results

I just love this show. Have I said that?
  • I'm confused by Cat's dress. I think I like it. I love the color.
  • Group routine was fun. I love me some Wade Robson. I didn't like how much they showed Nigel mugging for the camera, but the rest of it was cool.
Twitch & Kherington - Please. They're safe. As if.
Thayne & Chelsea T. - Safe! Excellent. Go Utah.
Chelsie H. & Mark - Also safe. Go Utah!!
Matt & Kourtni - First couple in the bottom 3. Kourtni's solo will keep her safe. The Utah voters didn't help Matt here.
Susie & Marquis - Not a fan of Susie. She's a one trick pony. That lift was worse than I remembered. But they are safe. Whatever. Days are numbered.
Comfort & Chris - Safe. Good. I like Comfort.
Rayven & Jamie - Bottom 3. No surprise. Watching the recap, the hip hop routine was more lame than I remembered.
Katee & Joshua - Katee really benefited from drawing that routine. I'm not sure if they would be safe otherwise. But, they're safe because that routine was awesome. They killed it.

One couple left in the bottom 3. Personally, I think it is Courtney & Gev. Who is it, Cat?

Jessica & Will?!!? What?
Courtney & Gev are safe. Seriously?
  • Apparently, we get to meet people from the world of dance every Thursday. I'm all for it. That is awesome. Poppin' Pete is performing. Apparently, his brother invented the dance style. The isolations and the body control it takes is just amazing. The slow motion Matrix move they did was sweet. I swear neither of them have ankles.
  • Snuggle is sponsoring public humiliation cameras in famous places around L.A. like on the Walk of Fame and at the Grove Farmer's Market and asking people to do "happy dances". We'll be fast forwarding this on a weekly basis.
Solos! Dance for your life! Dance for your life!
  • Kourtni's solo rocked. She danced to a slow version of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." Very nice.
  • Matt was good also. Though slightly soulless. I'm not sure if it will stand up next to Will, which I know will be outstanding.
  • Rayven is going to ballet it up. That was boring. And her attitude wasn't high enough. Not sure why she isn't dancing en pointe.
  • Jamie was also boring. As a West Coast swing dancer, I'm not sure why he did a Latin solo. Especially because it calls to mind people like Pasha and Dmitry and Jamie isn't even in their league.
  • Jessica was fine. I'm not sure if I like her yet. I think she'll be safe because Rayven was lame.
  • Will is up. He rocks. He's a real dancer. I love him.
Prediction - Rayven is going home and Jamie is going home.
  • Pussycat Dolls are performing while the judges decide. I have a problem with these ladies. On their first album, it says that the lead singer, Nicole, not only sings the leads, but also sings the background vocals too. It seems the scantily dressed girls are actually singing tonight. I've never heard them sing live. They usually lip synch to Nicole's lyrics. Nicole sounds terrible tonight. And I can't believe I actually watched that performance. Or that I typed so much about it.
The "jidges" have their decision. The girls are first. Kourtni is safe, but the judges would like to see what she brought to her solo tonight in her routines. Agreed. Nigel is wondering why Rayven wasn't en pointe tonight. She should have been. Without the point shoes, it was a lame ballet routine that you would see at a state beauty pageant. The judges didn't think Jessica's solo was strong enough either, but Rayven is going home.

The boys are up. Nigel wants Will to interact with the audience more so the audience can understand how AWESOME he is. Will is safe. Thank goodness. Nigel wants Matt to show more personality and wants Jamie to have better technique. Technique wins tonight and Jamie's going home.

CALLED IT! The two people in the first spot are going home. Hmmm.....

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