Saturday, June 14, 2008

Go Buckeyes!

G-Man and I flew through Cincinnati on our way to Indiana last week.  On our layover, I spotted a store called, "Buckeyes & Bluegrass."  Specializing, obviously, in Ohio and Kentucky related gear.  On a whim, I went to see if they had anything that could remedy our current university brainwashing that Diggity has had a huge head start on with the BYU gear.  I was in luck and found this:
"Hi mommy!  I have an awesome new Ohio State shirt on!"

"I'm so happy wearing this shirt!  I'm a Buckeye!  O-H! I-O!"

"I can't contain my glee for THE Ohio State University!"

G-Man also took the time while we were outside to diagnose a problem he's been having with his walker.  He needed to get down and get a closer look.

We were also able to go to a wonderful playground near our house yesterday.  It is somewhat overwhelming to see how quickly he picks up on new things.  He sits and studies kids and then goes off and tries what he saw.  In the picture above, he was trying to walk up the kiddie slide instead of using the stairs.  I let him try and he ended up slipping and landing on his tummy and sliding down feet first.  He thought it was hilarious, so he kept doing it.  And eventually, he was able to walk all the way up and tried sliding on his bottom as well.  It was fun watching him discover the playground and interacting with all the kids.  More trips to the playground are definitely in order on days when it is cool enough!


Yvonne said...

He's so cute!

Michelle said...

He is adorable, and he looks so cute in the Ohio State shirt. However, I feel that since Diggity has been brainwashing him towards the BYU, someone needs to get that kid a USU shirt. I might just have to make that my personal mission.

Macy said...

I agree, he is cute. And Michelle, I agree that he needs a USU shirt. I haven't been anywhere near Logan since he was born. Since you frequent that area from time to time, if you see an awesome shirt and are willing to mail it to me I will pay you back.

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