Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We had a crazy storm in the area last night. I could hear the wind and the rain as I was trying to go to sleep. I'm kind of surprised we didn't lose a tree in the woods next to our house. I did go outside this morning to find a problem on the deck:

We obviously don't arrange our deck furniture like this normally. I took this picture because I wanted Diggity to see what I was trying to describe on the phone when I told him about the storm this morning.

G-Man kept pounding on the screen door until I let him come outside with me. Loving the snotty nose. I also loved that I had just put clean clothes on the boy and he instantly sat down in the puddles and dirt and got ridiculously wet and dirty.

I was lucky enough to spend the early afternoon playing Nertz with Dana, Tarryn, Megan, Carolyn & Lori. It was so fun to be able to play cards with them after a long break from me not being able to meet up with them.

This evening, we had a fun YW activity. We went to the home of our 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric and weeded their flower gardens and after we finished weeding, we went swimming in their pool.

G-Man always loves when other kids are around. Allison's boys were having fun playing with G-Man. They were trying to get him to walk through the hula hoop at this point.

Cute young women! We seriously have the best girls in our ward. Second from the left is Kira - she's been a life saver this spring. She and I traded voice lessons for babysitting. It has been great. G-Man loves her.

What a sweet boy. I love him so much. I can't believe how big he is getting and how much fun I have with him every day. He's learning new things every day and it's just a joy to watch and to be his mom.


Stacie said...

Ahhhhh!! G-man is so cute! I love that look on his face where he's contemplating actually walking through the hula hoop. Little tongue sticking out. He's adorable!

Yvonne said...

I love G-man's little haircut.

How are the swimming lessons going?

Neal said...

Thanks for the pics - while I'm on the road, it means the world to me. Love it!

Michal said...

i have long ago given up on my boys staying out of dirt and puddles unless they are in their sunday clothes. i have found that three boys and one baby equals lots of laundry. but they have so much more fun than they did when i just had kimball and was always trying to keep him clean!

Macy said...

Thanks Stacie. I think he's pretty adorable too.

Yvonne - the swimming is going well. We've missed lessons the last two weeks because of trips and illness, but he's had a chance to swim outside of lessons.

Happy to help the trip go by more easily.

Michal - I'm trying to resign myself to the dirt. And the laundry. I certainly don't want to ruin his fun. It was just the speed at which he got wet and dirty that alarmed me. Of course, I'll have to resign myself to that too, I'm sure.

emily said...

I don't know why it is more fun to be dirty but apparently it is. By the way G-man is a stud!!!!! We have been missing you guys, Isaac talks about Garrett a lot.
Love you guys.

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