Friday, May 9, 2008


G-Man and I are spending the day upstairs in our house while three of the rooms downstairs are painted. Diggity was trapped up here yesterday during the first day of painting. I didn't think it would be so bad, but the boy keeps getting into things he isn't supposed to play with. And lunch was difficult without access to the highchair and due to the fact that I couldn't set G-Man down to make anything. But I had Honey Nut Cheerios for the second time today and it's all good. I have had plenty of time to watch G-Man play with his toys and he is getting some good walking practice. I also got to watch some of the footage of David Archuleta returning to Utah today on the Utah Fox affiliate. Lots of screaming girls.

Is it naptime yet?


Stacie said...

So I have to pry, what are you guys doing at your house? I've read a few posts about painting (something I'm addicted to at my house) and would love to see pictures of what's going on! Is it a big remodel? Just painting for fun?

Macy said...

Lots of painting. By the time everything is done, the whole interior will have been repainted. Why are we doing it? Because I've been wanting to repaint since we moved here two years ago. I painted G-Man's room with Kimmie and my friend Carolyn last spring before he was born, and it has taken until now to get going again. I painted our dining room and guest room and then stripped the wallpaper and painted our entry hallway all the way upstairs to the bedrooms. That took forever and I still have trimwork to finish up. So, I chose to hire painters for the kitchen, family room and living room because it is getting super hard to contain G-Man and his naps aren't long enough to accomplish much. I'll take some pictures of the downstairs once we get everything put back together.

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