Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol - Top 10 Results

Results! Results! I'm watching it live. I hope the bottom three don't sing. I have no Tivo buffer. I want to watch this and go to sleep.
  • More pitching for the songwriting competition. The deadline is coming up if any of you are interested in entering. I'm going to pass this year. :)
  • Here's our song - "Get Right Back to Where We Started From" (Thank you for sparing us a medley again. I love a good medley, but the group song medleys are usually rough.)
  • Ramiele's solo = not good. Carly's was good. The kids do look like they're having some fun with this song.
  • Seriously. Stop letting Michael Johns move to a beat. It's painful for me. Chest bumping mid-stage? Really?
  • Kristy Lee Cook is closing her eyes on high notes again. Stop it!!
  • Hilarious moment of that number - At the end of the song when they posed, Michael Johns dropped to the floor and grabbed Brooke White's leg. She looked down at him twice like, "What are you doing?!?!" I only saw it because I rewound the song on my Tivo and listened to it while I caught up on my comments. I'm so glad. I missed it the first time.
  • The behind the scenes segment of the iTunes recording sessions was cool to see. Interesting that they don't let the AI kids chart on the overall sales charts for iTunes. I really think it is great that AI is doing these recordings. And they can see who is selling music before the competition is over.
  • Carly Smithson is talking like she has never talked to a producer or seen a recording studio before. "They have all this lingo...." Ummm....remember how you had a two million dollar recording contract and sold less than 500 albums? I'm pretty sure you know what it means to punch in.
  • They are showing the highlights from last night. Simon was really tough on David Archuleta. I feel bad for him seeing it again. I did like that they showed him backstage talking about how he likes the song and how he didn't understand why Simon said he didn't pick the song himself.
The First Set of Results:
Chikieze the bottom 3. (Wow. They usually don't have the first person out of the gate in the bottom 3.)
Brooke White is....SAFE! Of course she is. She did a good job, and they aren't going to have two bottom 3 people in a row.
Carly Smithson
  • I really liked that Ford commercial a lot! So cute with the kids on the t-shirts and posters and CDs. I think that is the first Ford commercial I can say that I have liked in all the seasons I have watched!
The Second Set of Results:
David Archuleta is....SAFE! What a cutie. "I really like the song, so maybe I got a little carried away with my performance." Cute!
David Cook is....SAFE! And I'm so glad to hear that they gave credit to Chris Cornell for the original arrangement of that song. (It's on his album that came out last year. Very cool track.) And Chris Cornell called Ryan "King-of-Entertainment-Media" Seacrest and said he liked the performance. So nice.
Syesha Mercado the bottom 3. Poor thing. She's there again.
Michael Johns Meh. Whatever. His voice is going to go anytime. He cracked so badly when they showed him in the recording studio.
  • Dolly Parton is the mentor next week! Excellent.
  •'s the call in segment. (I really did heave a huge sigh. I don't like this at all.)
  • Kimberley Locke is going to sing. I really liked her. That was a great season. Clay, Ruben and Kimberley in the top 3. Kimberley owns a restaurant? Good job losing 40 pounds! I am not a fan of her dress. I think it is a little fancy for American Idol. It looks like she's singing while the judges deliberate at a local beauty pageant. In her prom dress. Doesn't it look like a prom dress? Is it just me?
  • More reporting on what the money was spent on from last year's Idol Gives Back. It's good to know what they money was spent on. And a good way to get people excited about the show this year.
Final Set of Results:
Ramiele Malubay I'm kind of surprised, honestly. (Does this mean Kristy is in the bottom 3?)
Jason Castro the bottom 3. What?
Kristy Lee Cook is safe. I can't say I'm surprised, but I just wish she'd go already.

Jason just got sent back to the couch. That was hilarious. He was going on and on about how he was nervous and Ryan interrupted him and told him he was safe. Ryan doesn't usually make me laugh.

Syesha is safe. Chikeize is going home. His weeks were numbered. I figured he was going this week or next. He seems like a nice kid. I'm glad he gets to go on the tour and make some money.


T&H&Lennon said...

Here's how I feel: Anyone can sing and obviously all of the contestants can sing. I want the blonde girl (I know few names) OFF. I think she is a Carrie Underwood wannabe and she's as bland as melted vanilla ice cream.

I like David Archuletta and I like Brooke BUT David Cook is a pretty versatile guy. I thought he'd created that version of Billy Jean and I was wetting my pants...but then they announced Chris Cornell (who he reminds me of a little) and I thought, oh...not AS impressive. Anyways, I think Chikezie needed to leave and now blondie needs out. God bless Americans who don't vote for her.

T&H&Lennon said...

One more point about how anyone can sing (well, not ANYONE but..) was that David Cook seems to have a firm grasp on different angles of music, not JUST singing. He seems like a that intrigues me and makes me interested to see what he could become.

Macy said...

Excellent comments Holly. Thank you. I agree with you on blondie (Kristy). She must go soon or I will grow more upset with each passing week. If she didn't bug me so much, I would give her a little credit for being smart enough to pick a song that guaranteed anyone that ever listened to country music would vote for her - but I don't like her, so I won't give her credit.

You are absolutely right about David Cook. He does seem like a creative singer and at the very least, has an ear for a great arrangement. I'm glad they gave Chris Cornell credit for the original. AI doesn't usually do that. I get very upset when they don't - especially with lesser known singers like Eva Cassidy (Imagine, Yesterday) or Jane Monheit (Katharine McPhee's rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow).

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