Thursday, March 27, 2008

That Kind of Day

We have had a rough 24 hours around here. We're still smiling, but it hasn't been pretty.
  • I started feeling nauseous on my way to school on Tuesday. It passed. Then again Tuesday night. It faded. Wednesday was spent groaning with some kind of gastrointestinal trauma that reduced me to laying around in the fetal position for the better part of the afternoon and evening. Today, I'm better, though my stomach is still making suspicious sounds. Especially after I had the courage to eat something besides oatmeal for lunch this afternoon.
  • G-Man was extremely fussy yesterday. Hard to please. Throwing tantrums. Not his usual self. This lapse in his usual personality combined with my state made yesterday a particularly ugly day.
  • Fast forward to 2:00 a.m this morning when he started crying and then screaming. SCREAMING. Assuming he was hungry, I fed him a bottle. He quickly drank it and continued to scream. Both Diggity and I were baffled. Because I still felt so horrible, Diggity took care of G-Man until about 6:30 when he passed the boy off to me so I could give him another bottle. He was still very fussy and wouldn't go back to sleep like he usually does.
  • It finally occurs to me at 9:00 when I'm trying to feed him applesauce that he has been chewing on hard objects this week - especially in the back corner of his mouth. I check his molar region and sure enough, there is a huge bump back there. On both sides. After a few doses of Hyland's teething tablets (the world's best product - especially today), he is back to his charming self. As long as I remember to keep giving them to him.
I'm going to look back at these days and smile. Right?


Yvonne said...

You bet you are--in fact, you won't even remember (except when you read it here ; )

I'm so sorry you have not been feeling well. Hope you're feeling better soon.

I hope those teeth poke through really soon.

T&H&Lennon said...

Sorry for the bad day(s)...we just got over RSV around here so we're feeling for you. Those are long nights when nothing helps. He's a cutie, though!

Macy said...

Yvonne - I'm better. Thanks. I hope the teeth hurry up as well.

Holly - I hope Lennon is feeling better. I was so sad when I saw the picture with the oxygen mask.

Michal said...

the only thing worse than sick or teething kids is taking care of them when you are sick. ok, i suppose there are even worse things, but still, the sick thing is absolutely no fun. get well soon, all of you!

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