Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol Report - Top 10

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay on my report of last night's show. I taught early morning Seminary for the youth in my ward and I was trying to finish lesson preparations last night. And I've been violently ill for most of the day. So, I'm propped up on the couch and hoping I can make it through...

It's "Song From the Year You Were Born" week! I feel older during this show every year. Too many kids born in the 80's. And if my math is right, David Archuleta was probably born the year I graduated from high school. (Okay - the year before I graduated from high school. Still depressing.)

The Favorites:

Brooke White - "Every Step You Take"
I'm sad about the false start. I'm glad the judges pointed out that it was the best thing to do in that situation. However, starting a'cappella and coming in on key when you start the piano is my favorite party trick for a singer to pull off. She's got a nice low range and I'm glad she's back at the piano. I think I agree with Simon and Randy on the arrangement - it started out very well with just her on the piano. She tried to build by adding the band, but it didn't build any further and it made the whole thing a bit static. She should have just stayed with the piano as they said.

David Archuleta - "You Are the Voice"
(What is this song? I have never heard this song.) That dancing video with his sister is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Is that David's girlfriend in the audience? Okay - I've never heard this song before in my life. I like it. He rocked the last note. You go dawg. He does have mad skills. Simon didn't like it. Simon is cranky. And he infers that David didn't pick the song himself. At least David knew who the original artist was.

David Cook - "Billie Jean"
I love when arrangements surprise me and I actually like the arrangement. This completely cheered me up. That was a killer arrangement and he sang it so well. WOW. It was really brave and it was amazing. I agree, judges.

The Others:
Ramiele Malubay - "Alone" I'm adding to my "Whitney/Mariah/Barbra" rule. Here we go: If a previous American Idol contestant sang the song another season and blew it out of the water, don't sing it unless you can do a better job. Carrie Underwood sang this song in her season and was A-MA-ZING. Ramiele didn't even come close. And she's in the "going home this week" spot in the lineup.
Jason Castro - "Fragile" I thought it was a good rendition of the song. He's just so mellow. It didn't stand out.
Syesha Mercado - "If I Were Your Woman"
I thought she did a great job. I really like this song and she sang it very well. Tamyra Gray also sang this song and really did well on it. She almost violates my new rule (see Ramiele Malubay, above), but not quite.
Chikieze - "If Only for One Night" Meh. I agree with Simon. Old fashioned.
Michael Johns - "We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions"
Man. The kid does well when he picks a good song. According to the blogs, the arrangement he used was already performed on Rockstar: Supernova. Again, no credit for borrowing another arrangement. But it was great. Not a favorite, but excellent.
Carly Smithson - "Total Eclipse of the Heart" I hate this song. I think the background vocal is lame. I used to make fun of it. "Turn around, bright eyes." The lyrics make no sense and don't really tell a story. Bad last note for me, dawg.
Christy Lee Cook - "God Bless the USA" This is going to be ghastly. And they gave her one of the "pimp spots." I don't know why the producers like her so much. Please, send her home. Also, I hate when singers shut their eyes too much. I feel like they are too self absorbed in their performance. Connect with the audience. She shuts her eyes on every high note. Man, she was pitchy into the key change. Yikes. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone that sings this song will get kicked off American Idol for singing this song, so she's probably around for another week.

I'm so over Paula. And I'm kind of interested to see what happens tonight.


Dana said...

Just finished watching it - I actually really liked Brookes arrangement. I felt like she did bring in the passion. And she looked amazing - can't believe Paula didn't comment on it.

Loved David Cook and I never do. I love the oriniality of it - maybe that's why I don't like Carly - she has a great voice by is just not original to me. And she's still so angry...

Sorry to hear you are sick. I almost called you to go shopping with me today - good thing I didn't!

Macy said...

I did love Brooke's hair. She did look great. Paula usually comments on their appearance when their performance is horrible - maybe since Brooke did a good job, Paula didn't feel the need to make her feel better by telling her she was pretty.

Carly is angry. I haven't liked her as much for a couple weeks now.

I'm feeling a little better tonight. I think it was food poisoning. I still don't feel like eating, but I don't feel like I can't leave the house because I would be too far from a bathroom. Too Much Information. Sorry. I would love to go shopping another time!

Whitney Johnson said...

Love these posts Macy. Told a woman at the hair salon today about them.


Macy said...

Thanks Whitney! And thanks for the shout out on your blog.

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