Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Adventures of Monkey and Puppy - Halloween SMACKDOWN!

Ace sent me these pictures of her boys Monkey and Puppy in their Halloween costumes. I loved the pictures, so they are in the countdown.

Ace said this about the second picture:
"I love the one of [Skeleton - Puppy] holding out his arms as [Spiderman - Monkey] is on his knees. It looks like he's asking [Spiderman] to bow to his power."
But from the last picture, it looks as though they have shown an increase of love and made up from the fight.

They're such cute boys. Ace is one of my few friends that I have been around during the pregnancy and birth of her kids. It's kind of cool to watch your friends go through that whole process and then marvel as the kids grow. It's especially amazing to see how Puppy has grown. Diggity taught Ace's classes while she was on maternity leave and it seems like that just barely happened. Yet it was almost three years ago. It makes me think of all my mom's friends that used to bend down in my face and say, "I remember when you were born! I can't believe how big you are!" and I would look at them like they were crazy. Now I will become those friends. Circle of life...

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Ace said...

Thanks Macy! It seems like only yesterday for me too! I look at them now and can't believe that they were ever tiny. They sure are a lot of fun.

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