Monday, October 29, 2007

Annie AnnDee

Halloween is almost here!

I saw this on my cousin's blog the other day, and it made me quite happy.

I could never pull that off. And I admire the level of detail in the costume.

I have another cool picture of AnnDee in this post and also a picture of Diggity and I last Halloween. And here's one more of the G-Man.


Sarah Jane said...

look at you! the cutest pictures! so, will he actually get out this year? I am not telling my kids that the main reason for dressing up is for the candy until....well, let's see how long i can keep it a secret:)

Macy said...

Sarah - We are going to take him around the neighborhood. Not so much for the candy as to show the neighbors his costume. I don't mind him getting the candy. We never keep it around the house, so he might not think it is such a big deal anyway. We'll see how that plays out as he gets older.

I'm loving all the new stuff you are publishing. So cute. I can't wait to see the boy stuff.

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