Monday, July 9, 2007

Stroller Strides!

The G-Man and I had a great time at the Stroller Strides class. It was so nice to be outside - even though it was a little warm by the time class ended - and to be with other moms. The outdoor class was a combination of walking and circuit exercises. The thing that was really fun was that the kids are such a big part of the class. They love watching us do tricep dips and run around them. G-Man was doing pretty well (except for not being used to his jogging stroller) until we did some lunges in a circle around the strollers while singing "Ring Around the Rosie." I was about halfway around the circle and the teacher looked at me and said, "He's terrified!" I went back to his stroller and he was screaming, kicking and waving his arms in the air. Apparently having a bunch of strangers singing to him wasn't working out so well for him. So, I held him and did the rest of the lunges and the rest of the class was much better.

Harry Potter this weekend. I think this will be the first movie that I haven't attended at midnight. Ah well. One of many things in my life that has changed. I also pre-ordered the book. I usually wait in line with all the wacky people in costumes and lightning bolts on their foreheads. We're going to be on a plane the next day, and I know I won't be able to read the book on the plane, so I'm having it shipped to our destination where I am planning on reading it. I need to load the books on the iPod and start listening to them in preparation. I have to keep one of my Harry Potter rituals intact.

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