Thursday, July 5, 2007

Managing Expectations

I know everyone tells you that things will be different when the baby comes. It's the truth. It has been absolutely wonderful and Diggity and I are having a great time with the G-Man, but my days are so different than they used to be.

For example, I used to get up early, shower, go to work, come home or go to play practice and hang out with Diggity. If I needed to run errands, they were taken care of. If I had a project around the house or in the yard, I took care of it. If I needed to be somewhere at a certain time, I was able to be there.

The only similarity now is that I still get up early.

- The shower doesn't always happen. It is completely dependent on my ability to time it between what G-Man has planned.
- I am home for most of the day - especially in the mornings.
- If I need to run errands, I have to plan it around eating and nap time. Sometimes (like today) the errands don't get finished because I have a nuclear baby in the back seat of the car.
- I've been "organizing" my office for about 5 weeks now. Still not done. Still have to label boxes and finish it up.
- I've been wanting to prune my forsythia bush and the shrubs in front of the house for about a month. I was only able to weed yesterday because G-Man was asleep in the back seat of the car.
- Though I work hard to be on time, it is often not up to me when we leave the house.

At the end of the day as a teacher, I felt I had accomplished something important. At the end of the day as a mom, I feel like I have accomplished something important - just a different kind of important. For example, the best thing I did yesterday was manage to change the batteries in the little sun at the top of G-Man's playgym. It completely thrilled him, and thus, me. The most exciting thing that happened today was that G-Man figured out that he could hit the toys on his gym and on his car seat. It's all about managing my expectations.

P.S. I'm going to try and go to a Stroller Strides class tomorrow. I'm excited. I hope we both like it.
P.P.S. We had fun on the 4th at our local park. Go America!

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