Friday, July 20, 2007


What a cute boy! Thanks for sending the pictures from breakfast Uncle Wade!

We're going to Utah tomorrow morning. Have to get up at O-dark-thirty to go to the airport. I'm a little nervous about the G-Man having to get up so early and then get on a plane. Hopefully he will be okay. He just discovered that he has vocal cords and is suddenly very, very loud. I was vacillating between laughing at him and being mortified by him as we were running errands yesterday. I'm sure that won't be the last time that happens.

I realized when I was e-mailing my cousin yesterday that my favorite thing about going to Utah (other than seeing my family) is the food. In the weeks leading up to a trip to Utah, Diggity and I always end up talking about the food. We have unlimited access to fountain drinks, we get to go to Cafe Rio, Magelby's Fresh, Hires Big H, Zupas, and all kinds of places that we love. And on top of all that good restaurant eatin', Kimmie cooks for us. The whole thing with loving food in Utah came up when my cousin mentioned eating Creamies. They make Creamies in Logan - also the land of Aggie Ice Cream - and I had forgotten about them and that I love them. Thanks for the reminder! More yummy Utah food to seek out while we are there.


Michal said...

Aww, Utah food. Ditto on Cafe Rio. I also must have a shake from the shake place on State St. (Provo) that has changed names since I was at BYU, dinner at Brick Oven, and lunch at Koko Kitchen in Salt Lake. And of course some corn from a street corner stand.
Enjoy eating Utah!

Kris said...

He's adorable by the way.

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