Thursday, July 19, 2007


Ever since seeing hydrangeas on the cover of Martha Stewart Living, I have wanted to grow them. But they don't grow in Utah. But they DO grow in New England! Hurray! I bought a bush about 6 weeks ago and didn't expect it to bloom this season, but it did. And the flowers are bright pink. I love it.


Whitney Johnson said...

Macy --

Thank you for sharing your blog!

I LOVE hydrangeas too, and can't wait to read Ann Dee Ellis' book. Maybe I can persuade my son David to read for his summer reading assignment!


Pete Codella said...

M: love the blog. Glad to see you're online. Fun to see the NYC photos and some other friends. Good luck with the little one. They're a blast and a challenge. ~Pete (

Michal said...

i love finding other people who blog. come visit mine:
those hydrangeas are gorgeous. i've killed a few bushes in my day, so i am very impressed that you got blossoms so soon.

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