Thursday, June 10, 2010

SYTYCD - Top 11 Intro Show

I really loved the opening number. Costuming, movement, all of it. The formation changes were astounding. Moving that many people around a stage and making them look good is no small feat. I'm so very happy right now...

Since tonight is an introduction show of sorts, I'm going to give some basic thoughts on each dance. The contestants and all-stars are dancing together, so the names of the top 11 are in bold.

Lauren, Kent
, Kathryn & Mark
Jazz/Contemporary - Choreography by Travis Wall
I really liked this one. I have to say though, I was watching Mark and Kathryn a lot. Especially Mark. He's just great with that type of movement. He's been dancing for Lady Gaga for so long now, he just owns that quirky stuff.

Melinda, Alexi, Alison & Lauren
Broadway - Choreography by Tyce Diorio
So cute. Again, I was watching Alison and Lauren a lot because I just love those two. I do like Alexi and Melinda though.

Wow - Cat is so tall. And those little dancer girls are so short.

Jose, Dominic, Twitch & Comfort
Hip Hop - Choreography by Tabitha & Napoleon
I really like the way Tabitha & Napoleon tell stories. This was fun.

I'm really liking how the All-Stars seem to be going out of their way to make sure attention is paid to the contestants. They're all really supportive as they are listening to comments and giving props to the contestants as they leave the stage. Very cool.

Cristina, Anya & Pasha
Latin Ballroom - Choreography by Jason Gilkerson
Okay, I know next to nothing about ballroom, but I don't think Cristina did very well on that. Especially next to Anya. Cristina was too stiff in her upper arms or something. Can anyone help me here? Am I wrong? Usually the ballroom contestants are so strong, and she just doesn't seem to be.

Billy, Alex & Ade
Contemporary - Choreography by Mia Michaels
I love Mia. So glad she's back. That was just beautiful.

Adechike, Ashley, Robert, Neil (Dana's favorite! ;) ) and Courtney
Jazz - Choreography by Sonya Tayeh
I never love Sonya's pieces on the first viewing. I'm not sure about that one either. She definitely has signature movement.

I still hate this new studio stage. Hate it.

I just watched the opening number again. Wade Robson makes me happy.

I was trying to decide if I have an early favorite. I really like Lauren and Alexi. And the boys - Robert, Alex and Billy are just amazing. It will be interesting to see the talent vs. personality thing play out this season.

*sigh* I love this show.

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