Tuesday, March 2, 2010

AI - Top 20 Guys Performance Show

  • The judges are in a different seating order every week. It bugs. I need them to keep this arrangement. Randy, then the girls, then Simon.
  • Dear Kara, the 1980s want that hairstyle back. And I'm annoyed she's acting like Paula.
  • I really like Ellen.
Now, some singing:
(I'll be shortening comments and giving each performance a grade. Unless they bore me so much I can't make it past the first 20-30 seconds and I fast forward the performance. In that case, it will say "No Grade.")

Michael Lynche - Some pitch issues at the start, but I really like him. I thought he sang it well and it was a great performance. A-
John Park - I hate his hair. No Grade because I fast forwarded through the performance because I was bored.
Casey James - He's cute, but his guitar intro was too long. Dead eyes. Unnecessary vibrato. And, it isn't Guitar Idol. Though he plays really well. Ellen is right on with the stage presence stuff. C+
Alex Lambert - Ugh! I hate his hair too! I'm having a hard time getting past his hair to like and listen to his voice. More dead eyes. He does have a good voice though, so...B+
Todrick Hall - I think he's the best performer. So creative and I like him a lot, but he does too much with the songs. Boring performance at the beginning. No Grade.
Jermaine Sellers - I think it's weird that he wears a onesie. He needs to go. No Grade.
Andrew Garcia - WHY so many ballads tonight? Did they announce ballad night, and I missed it? This wasn't so good. Dead eyes. So pitchy. No Grade. Couldn't do it. I'm sad, because I really like him a lot.
Aaron Kelly - Pooka shell necklace? Really? He must get beat up at school every day. Okay. I'm glad isn't ballad night. His vibrato is a little machine-gunish, but he's got a good voice. And looks far more comfortable on stage tonight. Last week, he looked like he was going to vomit, so I guess anything is an improvement. B+
Tim Urban - I do not like his hair or his voice. No Grade.
Lee Dewyze - His voice is alright. Still pitchy. I really get annoyed when people can't sing live. Plus, there is a rumor that AI may have auto-tuned his performance last week...Since he looks like he's going to vomit, B-

Michael Lynche. All the way.

Who are you voting for?

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Emily said...

The puka shell necklace makes me like him. He's a cute sweet boy and some girl probably told him it made him look cool. Though,it is cause for getting beat up.

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