Thursday, March 4, 2010

AI - Top 20 Girls Performance Show

We're a day late, but here it is....

• Kara is awkward for me right now. And that ponytail is awful.

Singing: (Again, if I can't stand to listen to them through the end of the song, they get "No Grade" and I boo-doop boo-doop them. Which means I fast forward on the Tivo for those of you that are new around here.)
Crystal Bowersox - Clearly her illness wasn't vocal-related. Great rendition. A-
Haeley Vaughn - Clearly, if you have pitch problems, you should sing a Miley Cyrus song. No Grade.
Lacey Brown - I do not like anything about her voice. That was a pretty good choice, but she's got an awful sense of pitch and she's kind of boring. No Grade. And listening to the judges comments, I have to say if that is her tone they fell in love with, I'm questioning their ears.
Katie Stevens - Her shoes might be the cutest thing I've seen. I really like her. Sad she had that little crack at the end, but I thought it was a good performance and I don't love that song. B
Didi Benami - I like her a lot too. And she's connecting better with the audience instead of standing and singing pretty like last week. B+ Clearly the judges and I don't agree. Wow. It must sound bad in the studio tonight.
Michelle Delamor - If you're going to sing slowly at the beginning of a song, you should sing in tune. No Grade. When Randy compliments your outfit a'la Paula, you should worry.
Lily Scott - Pretty sure you shouldn't sing a song that Adam Lambert sang last season. I don't hate this, though. She sounds a little too much like Duffy and Estelle, but I don't hate it. B+
Katelyn Epperly - I really like listening to her. I'm kind of impressed. A-
Paige Miles - Dear Paige, please don't go Mariah Carey on us when you're that vocally tired. That falsetto run was painful. Sincerely, Macy C.
Siobhan Magnus - Aretha. Brave. And this little Cape Cod girl can SING! Wow. WOW! Holy cow! That ending!! A

P. S. I just read a plot spoiler about Neil Patrick Harris' (NPH) upcoming guest spot on Glee this May. It kind of made my day.

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